Everyone has things that fuel them

Those things can be as varied as the people around us. Good conversations, friends, family, beer, art, music, work. Here at Fuelled by Fiction, we believe that a good story is a part of a good life and that that feminism is mandatory. And, well… so is caffeine.

Est. 2014

Beth started writing book reviews in 2013–first on Goodreads and then on Tumblr. In 2014, she moved them to their permanent home here on Fuelled by Fiction. As she explored the bookish community online, she expanded her purview from solely reviews to other types of bookish discussions and more.


Today on Fuelled by Fiction you can find the same great content you’ve always found, and more. We cover social justice issues, mental health, pop culture criticism, blogging how-tos, and, of course, all things bookish. Furthermore, you can hop over to the “Work With Me” page and work closely with Beth on promotions here on Fuelled by Fiction or with freelance content/copy writing and editing.

Beth O’Brien

Beth is the founder, editor, and main blogger on Fuelled by Fiction. She’s an east coast Canadian girl, probably rocking double denim as we speak. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s off studying somewhere or snuggling her kitty while marathonning something gay on Netflix.

You can find her on the She Reads blog network and all over social media (links in sidebar).

Sarah Reicker

Sarah is an occasional contributing writing on Fuelled by Fiction. She is a fellow east-coaster and a librarian in teen services. When she’s not trying to stay hip with the kids or keep up her step count at an office job, she’s sitting with her favourite records and making moody-ass art.