The Austen Playbook Book CoverThe Austen Playbook by Lucy Parker (London Celebrities #4)

Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 352 pages
Published April 30th 2019 by Carina Press

Note: I received a copy of The Austen Playbook for my participation in the book tour.

Today I am lucky enough to host the TLC book tour for Lucy Parker’s latest, The Austen Playbook! This is the fourth book in her London Celebrities series. I personally haven’t read any of the other books in the series (YET), but it’s all right because it’s a companion series! If you, like me, pick up The Austen Playbook without having read the others, you’ll still be able to absolutely love it 😉

Freddy Carlton is a theatre actress in London from a prominent family. Her father was an actor before he was injured, and her grandmother before him was an actress and famous playwright. Her father expects a lot from her career as he wasn’t able to fulfil his own potential on the stage.

With her father as her manager, Freddy takes more serious roles than she would like. She prefers musicals and light hearted stories that bring people joy. She wants to make people laugh. Her father, however, thinks such things are frivolous.

While he’s away, Freddy takes the role of Lydia Bennet in an Austen-inspired play called The Austen Playbook. It uses material and characters from all of Austen’s works and adds another layer of mystery, whimsy, and whodunnit. It’s a choose your own adventure–that the audience selects during a live TV broadcast. Not only so, but it’s going to be the first show to play in The Henry, a theatre on a private estate that was built in honour of Freddy’s famous grandmother… by her–is there a male word for mistress? Anyway, the guy she was having an affair with back in the day.

It turns out that the estate is owned by Freddy’s sort of nemesis–an icy, rude, theatre critic. It also turns out that his grandfather was the guy her grandmother had an affair with.

His name is Griff. His family is hemorrhaging money to run the estate and keep up with his parents’ expensive hobbies. His brother decides to rent The Henry to the group doing The Austen Playbook. When Griff hears about it, it’s too late to tell Charlie it’s a horrible idea. The last thing Griff wants is a horde of actors in his way.

…But maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Yes, he may have given Freddy Carlton some harsh reviews, but that smile… And yes, maybe Griff is cold, but Freddy thinks she might see something in there beneath the layer of ice…

And MAN. It’s SO GOOD. I loved this book! I gave it five stars on Goodreads and think it should be on everyone’s summer reading list! This was the first Lucy Parker books I’ve read but it’s definitely not going to be my last. I’m eager to read the first three books in the London Celebrities series and may or may not have bought the bundle for my ereader already.

There is one thing that was a little off about the book for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it, but it wasn’t really a romance. It has an excellent romance, yes. But that wasn’t really the main plot of the book. There were a few different plot lines and a mystery–all very good–but it made the book more of a general fiction read than a straight up romance.

If you’re looking for a romance romance and some steamy scenes, this isn’t really that. If you’re okay with that and the plot interests you though, definitely pick it up! You won’t be disappointed!

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