The Friday Feminist Five

Welcome to The Friday Feminist Five. Here you’ll find links to articles and news around the web that piqued our interest and come from a feminist perspective.

  1. An new Sci-Fi anthology highlights 25 stories by women.“The Future Is Female!” Celebrates Women Sci-Fi Writers Of The 1920s-1960s​ via Bust.
  2. Fuckin’ finally: Cyntoia Brown’s Clemency Gives Hope to Other Trafficking Survivors via Broadly
  3. An important reminder: You don’t need to “have it all” to be successful. 10 Things You Don’t Need In Order To Have A Successful 2019 via The Financial Diet
  4. Can we just cancel this piece of shit already? I DECLARE HIM CANCELLED. 17 Comedy Bookers on Whether They’d Put Louis C.K. Onstage via Vulture
  5. As a person with depression, I feel this. Stop telling me I’m lazy. Stop Thinking You Understand Depression via Ravishly

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