Round Up of Newsy Links

Gender-based violence has been declared a national crisis is Puerto Rico via Feministing. “According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), natural disasters tend to exacerbate violence against women and girls, multiplying threats to their health and wellbeing.”

Child marriage isn’t just happening “over there” via Ms.  “Child marriage, where one or both parties are under the age of 18, affects 650 million women and 150 million men worldwide—including the United States and Europe. That’s one girl every 23 seconds.”

“Men who hate women—masking fear, sexual insecurity or ignorant devotion to ideological misogyny—are vocal within the alt-right, which enjoys a synergetic bond with the more specifically misogynistic extremist movements like incels and MRAs.” Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: The Alt-Right’s Woman Problem via Ms. (*rolls eyes at the name “alt-right”* ya neo-Nazis)

The Ethical Dilemma of Highbrow True Crime​ by Dead Girls author Alice Bolin. Via Vulture.

Why Is Ted Bundy Suddenly Everywhere?​ Via Vulture. I’d say because now true crime is main stream, and he was an attractive, white psychopath. He appeared the most “normal.” And also, he’s no longer a threat “because we’re scared of other, less knowable monsters these days.”

The Real Reason Conservatives Are Scared of Libraries via Electric Lit. “The issue isn’t about the cost of libraries; it’s that conservatives believe some people simply aren’t worth the money.”

“Professionalism is an idea grown out of the values, actions, and emotions of straight white men, so it tends to negatively effect everyone outside of this group.” The problem with professionalism via BUST.

Terry Crews and Samantha Bee in a hilarious PSA against rape jokes. Terry Crews. You are an amazing human. Via The Mary Sue.

Disney Won’t Rehire James Gunn … and That’s a Good Thing​ via The Mary Sue. “[I]f we don’t have accountability for those who are on the same end of the political spectrum as we are, then we have no accountability whatsoever. We can recognize that Gunn’s firing came about because of a right-wing attack while still holding Gunn accountable for his actions and past statements.” Via the Mary Sue.

Gray Matters: How Rape in Pop Culture Because a Matter of Opinion via Bitch. “Time and again, we refuse to believe that people who commit sexual violence specifically get off on the lack of consent, casting them instead as ‘good boys’ confounded by the complex rules of dating in our modern world.”

What have you been reading online?