10 of Our Favourite Feminist News and Culture Websites

In this age of “fake news” and the constant barrage of sexist, racist, homophobic popular news coverage, it’s important to be able to look at what’s going on in the world from a feminist perspective. From a perspective that values marginalized groups and sees and reports on those marginalizations. That’s why I follow all of these feminist news and culture websites.

10 of our favourite feminist news and culture websites!

The Mary Sue

A pop culture and news site that feeds all your geeky needs with feminist snark and critique.

Bitch Media

A non-profit organization that provides thoughtful critiques and commentary on mainstream news and pop culture. They also make an awesome quarterly magazine!

Ms. Magazine

The longest running on this list, Ms. is a non-profit magazine that also posts on blog. Here you’ll find professional journalism running the gamut from news and politics to entertainment an art.

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue isn’t solely a teen girl fashion magazine. It’s all online now and it has some really great in depth journalism alongside traditional “girls” columns and pieces.


Snarky female-centric insights and reports on celebrities, fashion, relationships, etc. It’s always lots of fun!


An online and print women’s lifestyle magazine with all the awesomeness that entails!


One of the largest lesbian websites in the world, Autostraddle is a progressive queer blog promoting girl-on-girl culture and discusses the goings-on in the world from a queer feminist perspective.  

Women in the World

A news and culture site partnered with the NY Times to tell the stories of the impact women are having around the world.


A culture site and community that focuses on the experience of women.

The Establishment

A multimedia site run and funded by women covering a wide range of topics.

“Feminist” Websites I Avoid

While it’s important to read news from a perspective that challenges the status quo, it’s also important to not blindly follow sources who purport to do so. Here are some websites that claim to be feminist but come from a place I find very squicky. (Note: I will not be linking to these sites because I don’t believe in their mission and do not want to drive traffic to their sites. If you want to look them up, go for it).

Feminist Current

This one makes me extra sad because it’s Canadian. I would love an awesome Canadian feminist website. Unfortunately, this one is decidedly not it. The editor and founder of this website is a very well-known TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) and writes a lot of insidiously hateful things. Some of their articles might sound like they’d be good feminist pieces, but they weave bigotry into them. This site is super TERF-y and super White Feminism-y. Please be aware of this!!


There’s just something squicky about a “women’s website” that was founded by a cis het white dude. I’ll read a listicle or something now and then, but I find that Bustle tends to be more superficial. If you enjoy Bustle, that’s great. I do sometimes, and I’m sure they employ some rad ladies. For me, overall, I try to keep it’s roots in mind for critical reading. 

Feminist Apparel

Not technically a news or culture website, but in the past I’ve really enjoyed their work and their products. It has come to light that again something for women was made at the hands of a white man, and it was to the detriment of many women. Read more about that here.

What are your favourite feminist news and culture websites? Check out more of our feminist content here.