Round up of Newsy Links

There has been a lot of stuff going on in the world lately, and much of it has been pretty awful. While I want to stay informed and not just turn a blind eye because I’m privileged enough to do so… I’ve had to take a step back the last few weeks for self care. With all that’s been going on in the US with the ICE, the Muslim ban, the detention of  immigrants and separation of families at the border, and all that’s going on with the Supreme Court… I just needed a little space. It’s been making me feel so hopeless and helpless. Maybe some of you feel the same way? How do you stay knowledgeable while maintaining your own well-being? This has been why I haven’t been posting link round-ups. I thought now was the time to jump back in, and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my mental health at the same time.

The internet responds to the supreme court nomination with the hashtag #OneinFour. From Teen Vogue.

Pregnant women detained by ICE are being denied medical care. From Buzzfeed News.

The male, white, cis, het CEO  of Feminist Apparel (?!) fired 9 female employees after they discovered a his history of sexual misconduct. I’m shocked and appalled. I own several of their shirts and now I feel squicky about it. From Jezebel.

This. This so hard. Twelve ways single guys on dating apps are ensuring they remain single. From wit and delight.

Daring to Remember: important stories about life in America before Roe v. Wade. We must remember and fight to keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible. #abortionisnormal #oneinfour #shoutyourabortion. From Ms.

Some 2018 movies directed by women to add to your summer watch list. Yay women! From Film School Rejects.

Ontario is going back to stone age as far as Sex Ed is concerned. Thanks Doug Ford and you short-sighted social conservatives. From CBC.

What have you been reading online lately?