Newsy Links

Say Her Name: Nia Wilson. Her murder cannot be removed from the context of gender and race. Via ThinkProgress.

Serena Williams’ constant drug testing for tennis is fuelled by discrimination. Via Women in the World.

“We must all do better to include LGBTQ stories in our anti-violence work.” Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Seeing and Serving LGBTQ+ Survivors​ via Ms.

There is a “widespread police failure to protect victims of domestic abuse and stalking.” In the last three years, 49 British Women Were Killed By Men They Previously Reported To Police via Broadly.

On Demi Lovato’s hospitalization: “when it comes to women in the public eye, especially ones with a history of mental illness (Lovato is bipolar), we tend to feed off their pain when it fuels their art, while simultaneously not truly believing them when they say they are hurting.” Via the Mary Sue.

Misogyny and White Supremacy, along with other forms of bigotry, are inextricably linked: “a new report from the Anti-Defamation League gives misogyny, and specifically the links between misogyny and white supremacy, the attention it deserves.​” Via the Mary Sue.

This week on White Dude Faces No Real Consequences, Chris Hardwick is back at it after serious abust allegations from his ex-partner. Via the Mary Sue.

Don’t worry, Mansplainers! There’s a handy dandy chart to stop you from being condescending assholes to women! Via The Ladies Finger.

We need more women in politics, but first we need to address the systemic sexual harassment and gender-based violence involved. Check out what this dope Canadian women are doing to combat it, via Ms.