What I’ve Been Reading and Loving Online

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles around the internet. These are the ones that stood out to me and I wanted to them share with you!

Katie discusses the difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity on KATYKatiKate.

Lindy West’s memoir Shrill is being adapted for a Hulu comedy! GIMME NOW! Via the Hollywood Reporter.  

After the Toronto attack, we need to talk about Incels (and how they are just a bunch of violent misogynists) via Teen Vogue.

An interesting think piece from Bust about white women co-opting the black experience through Beyoncé–Dear White Sisters: Please Don’t Misuse Beyoncé.

Obviously, The Golden State Killer has been on my mind for the last few weeks. Here Book Riot covers the arrest.

Quartz discusses the ways girls have been socialized to seek nothing short of perfection and why we need to teach them it’s okay to fail.

I had never heard of Seeing Allred, a film about feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, but after this review by Bust I NEED TO SEE IT MUST SEE IT NOW.

Ms. Magazine talks the power dynamics involved in the way cities are laid out and how we need to rethink city-planning to make cities more female-friendly.

The ridiculous judge in the Brock Turner case compares his stupidly lenient sentence with the “unpopularity” of the desegregation of schools. What the actual fuck. Via Jezebel.

An author has trademarked the word “Cocky” and Romance twitter reacts via Book Riot.

Due to #MeToo allegations of sexual misconduct and more, the 2018 Nobel Prize for literature has been pushed to next year, via Book Riot.

Prolific author Junot Díaz has been accused of misogyny and sexual misconduct via Book Riot.

50 Must read young adult mysteries via Book Riot by yours truly!

Maxine Waters doesn’t take any shit. She claps back when a straight white dude tries to tell her he knows more about discrimination than her. That went about just as well for him as you’d think, via The Advocate.

Is there a “gray zone” in consent? Feministing discusses the complexities of gendered violence.