What I’ve Been Reading Online This week

Ten ways to maintain your mental health in your 20s via The Everygirl.

“Representation matters and recognition that it matters is giving us LIFE and making our book nerd hearts swell with pride.” 18 YA books by POC writers that you need to read, via Epic Reads.

“Harvard graduate students are voting on whether to unionize this week. If they win, they’ll join a growing trend of graduate students unionizing to fight stagnant wages, stingy health plans — and longstanding gender imbalances in academia.” How unions can help end academia’s gender inequalities, via Feministing.

“Women candidates have to prove they are qualified; for men, their qualifications are assumed. Right out of the gate, voters have a harder time believing a woman celebrity has the qualifications needed for the job than a male celebrity.” The political double standards facing Cynthia Nixon, via Ms. Magazine.

“Ireland has seen many shifts in the social, political and economical landscape in the past twenty years. These changes have allowed for a greater dialogue around some of the country’s darker issues: domestic violence, social oppression of women, cases of sexual abuse from the church, political, gang and drug-related crime.” 7 crime novels from Irish women, via Electric Lit.

“Through her own power, in a mere couple of hours, Beyoncé had taken a festival that annually sees many of its participants greedily appropriating marginalized cultures for their own fun into a complete triumph for black culture and women.” We Heart: Beyoncé’s Powerful Coachella Performance Celebrating Black Women, via Ms. Magazine.

“This, of course, is nothing new. The connection between sexism, marriage, and disability stigma comes from a centuries-long history of discrimination against disabled people, particularly women.” Marriage institutions aren’t just sexist, they’re ableist, via Everyday Feminism.

“I’ve always considered myself to be a well-informed person, which I why the depth of my financial illiteracy was such a hard pill to swallow. I had no idea what I didn’t know and it was incredibly frustrating trying to catch up.” How I’m correcting my financial illiteracy, via The Everygirl.

Check out these ten ways to be healthier without extra effort (or money) via The Financial Diet.

“And as gun violence occupies growing space in national dialogue, we must acknowledge that there is no universal “gun culture”—no matter what people on both sides of the debate attempt to argue.” Clinging to our guns–Rural communitie are reeling after Parkland, via Bitch.

“There is no fiercer political weapon than laughter. Feminists have known that all along.” Comedy is part of Feminist history–and we need it now more than ever, via Ms. Magazine.