Awesome Articles I’ve Been Reading Volume 6

what I've been reading online6 Women Superheroes Who Should Come Out as Lesbian or Bisexual in Their Next Movie, via Autostraddle.

“[T]here’s no victory when abortion restriction is on the line” Abortion Restriction Threatens Obamacare Funding, via Feministing.

“We expect six-year-olds to talk about a topic that 60-year-olds are too ashamed to disclose.” The issue of silence and childhood incest/sexual abuse–In the Shadows via Ms. Magazine.

Ten Feminist Books to Read This Spring, via Ms. Magazine.

“How they continue to fail to see the critical need for intersectional analysis and a robust defense against any subversion of a healthy democracy, from foreign interference to domestic voter suppression, is beyond me.​” Bernie Sanders, What Are You Even Doing This Time? via Shakesville.

Reading Challenges that Promote Exploring World Lit, via Girl xoxo.