Awesome Articles I’ve Been Reading

what I've been reading onlineTerry Goodkind proves again that he is terrible. Terry Goodkind, warrior against sexism? That’s what I call fantasy, via The Guardian.

I have been considering doing this very thing: Why I Left Men for Books via Electric Lit.

The Lesson Here is Listen to the Victim, via The New York Times. While I think there definitely needs to be more discourse about rape culture in America, I’m not sure that two white men are the people to be doing it? Women have been telling these stories for ages but they seem to be given more weight when they are being told with male voices. What do you think?

Has #MeToo Gone Too Far–Or Not Far Enough? via Ms Magazine. I’ll give you a hint: it’s the latter. “And if sexual harassment limits sexual freedom, well, any freedom must be limited when it clashes with another’s. Women would love to lose the anxiety over being on guard or ambushed—wouldn’t it be nicer for everyoneto function free from the same?”

I feel this so hard. Reading Everything but Straight White Men, via Book Riot.

I LOVED LADYBIRD SO MUCH. A Tribute to Lady Bird, Which Won No Oscars, But Was Still Hella Tight, via Vulture.

The Fear of Sexual Harassment is Robbing Women of Work Around the World, via Ms Magazine.

Very excited for this doc! Ruth Bader Ginsburg Recalls Feeling Like a “Kindergarten teacher” for Men in RBG trailer, via Jezebel.

Women are dope. Young Women are Leading the Renewed Battle for Women’s Rights Around the World, Via Ms. Magazine.

Is #MeToo a Moral Panic? Not if We’re Clear About Our Values, via Feministing. “This contradiction — that we as a society both deplore sexual violence and, in practice, mostly tolerate it — is one of the central tensions of #metoo and its backlash.”