Awesome Articles I’ve Been Reading

what I've been reading onlineWomen that worked for Microsoft are bringing a class action law suit against the company, via Shakesville.

Okay, this is dopeKicking Ass in a Corset: Jane Austen’s Six Principles for Feminist Leadership, via Ms. Magazine

This is absolutely ridiculous. Texas Teacher Put on Leave After Asking for LGBTQ-Inclusive Language in District’s Discrimination Policy, via Jezebel.

We’ve been hearing about this since the Oscars for sure, but they have been in the works for about a year now–and they are hella cool. How the Inclusion Rider Came to Be, Thanks to Three Women, via The Muse.

“Nice Guys think treating women with a basic level of respect is a bargaining chip that can be exchanged for attention, sex, or a relationship. When Nice Guys don’t get the exchange rate they expect, their behavior can become cruel and even violent.” This therapist is trying to cure Nice Guys, via The Establishment.

“You’re a girl, and you’re angry? You’re not alone.” What if girls knew they were allowed to be angry? via Elle.

Okay, seriously though. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Where Have all the rom-coms gone? via Frolic. Not gonna lie though, I don’t 100% agree that The Big Sick was a romantic comedy. I mean, the woman is in a coma half the movie. It’s a comedy that has some romance. Rom-coms are more female-centric.

These students are an inspiration. Stay strong. The Walkout Was a Serious Risk For Many Students. They Did It Anyway. Via The Slot.

How Newsroom Bias and Gender Imbalance Impact Women, via Teen Vogue. It’s a bigger problem than just the 2016 election (though that was terrible). “Women shouldn’t have to leave media companies in order to tell the real story or cover an election fairly. Newsrooms should welcome female leadership and allow women to cover women’s issues until male journalists can be trusted to do so.”

Love this! In Praise of Tender Masculinity, the New Non-Toxic Way to Be a Man, via Electric Literature.

We Don’t Help Most Victims When #MeToo Becomes About Punishing Abusers, via Ms. Magazine. “But while victories in the courtroom can be empowering and healing for victims, punishing individuals does not address the systemic forces that enable men to harass and assault people, mostly women, with impunity.”