Interesting Articles I’ve been Reading

what I've been reading onlineThis week’s link round up!

In Arizona state prisons, women are only given 12 free menstrual pads a month. After that, they need to buy any more they may need. That is, if they can afford to. An Arizona representative introduced a bill aiming to provide free feminine hygiene for all incarcerated women as needed. Read more about menstrual equality in prisons from Feministing, Ms Magazine, and the Feminist Wire.

“The Times printed an extraordinarily misleading ‘some people say’ line of anti-choice propaganda without bothering to fact-check the science behind it.” Dear New York Times, emergency contraception is not abortion, via Feministing.  

50 Beautiful Book Covers Featuring Black Women, Via Book Riot.

“[I]f we want to reduce mass shootings in this country, we’re really going to have to address the connection between domestic violence and firearms.” A Lethal Combination, via Ms. Magazine.

9 Romances to read if you liked The Wedding Date (which I certainly did), via Book Riot.

Equal pay isn’t at the heart of the finance industry’s gender gap, via Quartz.

MENSTRUATION! Lunapads documentary highlights period stigma in South Korea, via Teen Vogue.

Less guns means less gun deaths. Dear America, here is how other countries stop mass shootings, via Quartz.

“The narrative is impoverished if the reader, or in this case the director, lets the white default get in the way.” Casting White Actors in ‘Annihilation’ Is Missing the Point of the Story, from Electric Literature.