Awesome Articles I’ve Been Reading

what I've been reading onlineRomance authors are literature’s unsung heroines, via Bitch: “Feminist romance offers models of consent and conversations about sex and sexuality rarely seen elsewhere, alongside critical analysis of sexual power structures.”

TBS is making a comedy from Lena Waithe based on something she wrote in her twenties! It’s a show called Twenties and revolves around a queer black woman and her two straight best friend. I cannot wait. I love me some Lena Waithe.

15 Sci-Fi/Fantasy books that don’t contain sexual violence against women, via Book Riot. I can handle a lot but not usually this. It’s often completely mishandled, especially in books written by men. I will definitely be grabbing a couple recs from this list!

The Critics Of #MeToo And The Due Process Fallacy via The Establishment: “Social media is exactly the right place for #MeToo to play out. In fact, it’s the only place it ever could. The frequent invocation of due process ignores just how inadequate the American legal system is for protecting women against sexual violence and harassment. It is precisely because the courts of law and other traditional avenues of recourse have failed women that they’ve turned to the internet and the court of public opinion.”

Every member of the US congress that took money from the NRA and also tweeted “thoughts and prayers” to Parkland, via Splinter. “In the wake of this latest mass murder, lawmakers have once again resorted to the now-cliché gesture of offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the victims of the Parkland shooting, while stopping conspicuously short of actually acting on their laughably hollow sentiment.”

Young Adult authors have joined the ranks of those accused of sexual misconduct and harassment during the #MeToo movement, via Pajiba. It’s hardly surprising that this issue spreads to the young adult book world, but that doesn’t make it any less disheartening.