Awesome Articles I’ve Been Reading

For last few weeks (months, even), the internet has been rife with commentaries and articles about feminism, sexual assault, and gender politics in general. There have been a lot of infuriating ones as well, but at least people are talking about it. Hopefully this will last and isn’t just a trend. And hopefully people will listen rather than become more entrenched in their own thoughts and ways. Here are some articles that have caught my eye over the last week and a bit!

Why Trump’s global gag rule still matters via Ms.--The rule that denies funding to NGOs that refer patients to, provide information on, or perform safe and legal abortions.

President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, tells white women they need to be better. And she’s right. Via Jezebel.

Halsey did an amazing spoken word poem at the Women’s March. Halsey’s poem is a war cry via Jezebel.

Bookish Women’s March signs via Book Riot (Spoiler alert one of them is mine!)

If you have privilege, use it for good. Jessica Chastain, vocal in Hollywood about the gender pay gap, uses her white privilege to help get equal pay for her and Octavia Butler, via The GlowUp.  

The incomparable Ursula Le Guin died at age 88. She and her work have made a great impact on many lives. A writer from Feministing discusses how Le Guin made her an anarchist.

This is not what Roxane Gay meant with “Bad Feminist.” Margaret Atwood being disappointing and problematic in The Globe and Mail.   

An interesting look at one of my favourite books–15 covers for The Bell Jar ranked from most to least sexist, via LitHub.

Not all people who do bad things are monsters. Why the Aziz Ansari situation hits too close to home via Feminisiting. “[This] freaked people out so much precisely because Ansari is not a monster. He’s a normal person, a normal man, choosing to do normally violent shit, in a system of violent norms. That’s why the story resonates so much with so many women.”

Reproductive rights and the DIY abortion movement from Ms. Women are able to get pills online to have access to safe, legal abortions at a time when reproductive rights in the US are being restricted.