What I’ve Been Reading Online

The word “Feminism,” and the rich history of its proponents, needs to be reclaimed by today’s teens, via The Guardian.

Hillary Clinton is neither a saint nor a demoness, via The Establishment. She is not our future, but she is an important figure that deserves to be heard. “There cannot and must not be any doubt that so much of the animus to Clinton is motivated by the audacity of her seeking power while female; it magnifies her real failings into demonic proportions, fit only to be screamed at…. The double standard is real and undeniable; it must be the starting point in any debate about Clinton, and seen as a bias to constantly acknowledge and correct for in one’s criticism.”

Understanding the early days of the HIV/AIDS through fiction, via Electric Literature.

Female author who are worth binge-reading, according to Modern Mrs. Darcy,

Contemporary YA books that feature interracial couples, via Book Riot.

“I’m also conscious of the continuing double standard: I have to be better than everyone; I have to work harder. There’s no margin for me when others have so much leeway. It’s a pressure cooker all the time. I try to pull the curtain back so that young, dynamic women like America (Ferrera) can see themselves in historic context and know they can overcome the obstacles in their way.” Hillary Clinton and America Fererra chat with the New York Times.

100 Must Read Books by Queer Authors, via Book Riot.

Women’s Media Summit’s White Paper calls for the public to boycott media that doesn’t include women. I mean, I already do this personally, and think it’s really important. Tell Hollywood what you want by the way you use your dollars! And the WMS, and I, want gender equity yo.

The best female-led horror movies, according to Vulture. Halloween marathon, anyone?