Tantalizing and Electric–White Fur by Jardine Libaire

White Fur by Jardine Libaire

Hardcover, 305 pages
Published May 30th 2017 by Hogarth Press

Note: I received a copy of this book for my participation in the TLC book tour.

Young, dumb, and in love, Elise and Jamey will take you for one hell of a ride.

Romeo and Juliet with more grit, these two passionate, obsessively in love, twenty-somethings find themselves in a motel with a shotgun on the first page. How do they get there? You have to dive in to find out.

When? The 1980s. Where? Connecticut and New York.

Elise Perez is a rough-and-tumble girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She doesn’t graduate high school, and instead picks up the slack of her single mother, caring for her half siblings. One day she can’t take it anymore. She runs away from home and finds herself sleeping in a car in New Haven. There, a kind stranger finds her and ends up becoming her roommate.

Next-door lives a couple of Yale students in an off-campus townhouse. One of them is Jamey Hyde. He is indisputably from the right side of the tracks in every possible way. He was born and bred from money, and immediately placed on the conveyor belt. Heir to an investment-bank fortune, he is fully expected to fit the mold and join the family business.

Jamey and Elise inexplicably find themselves drawn to one another. At first it’s just sex. But then they can’t seem to stay away…

Full of sex, violence, and grit, White Fur is the somehow-eloquent tale of their destruction.

From the very first page I was totally captivated. Who are these people? How did they get here? As I dove into the further into the story, I couldn’t put it down.

Jamey and Elise are two f***ed up kids. Jamey is nihilistic and disillusioned; Elise is an emotionally scarred survivor. They each come with oodles of baggage and a helluva lot of family drama.

Together they’re a train-wreck, but it doesn’t matter. Life is a train-wreck. They are young and in love and that’s all that counts. Without one another, nothing matters.

There is lust, drama, and raunch on every page, and yet each word is more beautiful than the last. Libaire manages to take what could be so cookie-cutter and weaves an original tale with strong, true-to-life characters. Not exactly the cream of the crop, but not irredeemable either, Jamey and Elise struggle to build a life together against all the forces that would tear them apart.

Electric and tantalizing, this title should be on everyone’s summer reading list.

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