Books and Discussions: Links to check out during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Five Novels that Illustrate Rape Culture from Book Riot 
A discussion about the prevalence of rape culture and books that capture it. “Here are five novels that can help you understand rape culture and how it demands that rape survivors become perfect victims because the rapist is always given the benefit of the doubt.”

Beyond the Bestsellers: So You’re Read SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson from Book Riot 
Here the lovely people at Book Riot recommend other titles that tackle issues of sexual assault and rape culture. 
Consent and Tea 
The awesome video that likens consent to a cup of tea. “Consent: it’s simple as tea.” If you haven’t watched it, do so now. If you have, watch it again! #consentiseverything 
Speaking Up: A Brief History of Rape Culture in Young Adult Fiction from the Irish Times 
With Louise O’Neill’s Asking For It as a starting point, this article discusses YA Fiction’s history of discussing tough topics like rape. 
What is Rape Culture? from BuzzFeed
An in depth discussion on rape culture and the myths surrounding it.

Duke Breaking Out

This is a great campaign going on at Duke University where survivors are speaking out about their assaults. They will not be silenced any longer. Check out the photos.
Let’s keep educating and talking about sexual assault and rape culture.