It’s Monday March 21st. Whatcha reading?

Sup y’all!
Like I’ve said before, I have been slowing down with my reading. I’ve been trying to vary the things I do. And it’s been going really well! I’ve been making new friends, going new places, and just generally getting out more. For me, that’s what I wanted—a more balanced lifestyle! And I’m pretty proud of myself so far 🙂
However, I most definitely have still been reading! Since I got back from Mexico, I’ve read two books and I’m in the middle of a third!

First up I read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I have yet to read all of CoHo’s books, but out of the ones I have read, this one wasn’t my favourite. It was still fun and compulsively readable, but I just couldn’t get behind the romance. That, and I found the main characters kind of annoying. That being said, I did still enjoy it overall. I gave it a three stars on Goodreads.

After that, I felt like going back to the thriller groove I was in when I was on vacation. So, I picked up In the Blood by Lisa Unger. I found this one in the bargain section at Chapters, so I thought, why not? Psychopathic children, secret pasts, and missing friends? Yes, please! I really enjoyed this one. It wasn’t perfect, but it most certainly kept me turning the pages!
Right now I’m in the middle of another thriller—albeit a more quiet one. I’m reading The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s got a murder and a main suspect who can’t trust her own memories. And she’s also the narrator, Dana. It’s really interesting trying to ascertain what’s real and what isn’t! Not only does this book chronicle Dana’s struggle to determine if she had anything to do with the murder, but it also shows us the unravelling of a marriage. Hopefully the book will have a good ending. I hate it when the inevitable plot twist is disappointing and/or convoluted. We’ll see!

So folks, it’s Monday! What are you reading?