Adventures of a Book Blog Newbie: RAISE YOUR VOICE

Since I began blogging, one thing I have been struggling with is how to find my own voice. Everyone has a different approach to blogging, and a different way of talking about books and all that jazz. But, how do you find your voice? How do I find my voice?

Today I want to talk specifically about the writing of book reviews. When it comes to a review, I’m often torn about with path to take. Do I give it a more professional feel, or a personal one? I know that a strictly “professional” review is generally not what blog readers are looking for. That’s where literary journals and reviews come in.

But… I’m not really one to be super personal about it. I like GIFs as much as the next girl, but in general, they don’t factor in to my idea of a book review (not the ones I’m writing, anyway). I like structure. I like talking about more than my own personal enjoyment, because there are other factors in my opinion of the book’s quality! But I’m never sure how to temper it to make it readable. I like my reviews to be on the more serious and helpful side, but I also want them to be enjoyable to read. I’M NOT AVERSE TO FUN.

So, how do you go about finding your voice?

Everyone has a different approach to writing reviews. Some people write their own summaries, some people use the jacket blurb. Some people break it down into sections like summary, my thoughts, etc. I like to write it so it flows. Like it’s an article or something. I guess this is my schooling kicking in. That’s how I always liked to do it. How I was taught to do it, I guess. But this isn’t always the best way to do things. Blogging is a different universe, it feels like sometimes.

How do you find your place?

Sometimes it seems like it comes so easy to others. They know who they are and how they think and feel. I have trouble with that sometimes. I have all these different, often conflicting, thoughts and feelings, and I get lost sometimes. Where do I fit? I like so many different kinds of books that there isn’t really a niche for me. And that in itself makes finding an approach to reviewing a bit more difficult.
But, here’s what I’ve learned: DO YOU. Sometimes I don’t know who that is, but that’s okay. What do I like in a review? What do I like reading? I’m just going to go with that. I’m still struggling to find my voice as a person, so it only makes sense that it might get a little weird on my blog too. BUT I DON’T CARE. I’m ME. And this is MY blog.

Sure, if you have a “unique” and “strong” voice, that’s AWESOME. USE IT. But if you don’t? That’s okay too. Your voice is yours. Be yourself. Whoever that is.

What are your thoughts on blogging and voice? What do you value in a blogger’s posts?