Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems of 2015

Today I’m participating in Top Ten Tuesday which is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Today’s prompt is Top Ten 2015 reads! My take on this prompt is the Top Ten Hidden Gems I read in 2015. So basically here are ten books that I loved that have not gotten quite as much attention as they deserve!

Okay, not exactly a totally hidden gem, but this is an amazing book (and amazing author) that doesn’t get enough attention. Really, even if it got ALL of the attention, it wouldn’t be enough attention. Because it’s super amazing.
I absolutely adored this book when I read it in the spring. It’s an exquisite family saga told with such delicacy and depth. READ IT! Spread the love!

This is another family saga with a darkly humorous tone. I loved the family dynamic amongst the sisters and really loved the original way the story is told.
This is a historical fiction based on the Matchless six, a group of Canadian women in the Olympics. It’s an amazing read.

This is a powerful tale of female friendship and its lasting impact. I loved reading about the four main characters and how they have come back together after all these years.

I feel like this series doesn’t get enough attention! It’s so flipping good. It has the perfect amount of mystery, romance, and the paranormal. READ IT!
I don’t think I had previously read much YA historical fiction. Wein’s previous books Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire got more attention than her latest. I haven’t read those two yet, but I read this one and loved it! And I haven’t heard many other people talking about it. So, READ IT!

A couple of years ago I read Between by Warman and enjoyed it. While not blown away, I did like the book and was surprised to that I didn’t see many others talking about it. I saw this one at the library in the spring and it sounded so good I had to pick it up. It did not disappoint! Check it out.
This book is full of intrigue, small towns, quirky characters, and family secrets. It’s got a splash of pretty much everything that I love. The main character is just so sassy. I loved being along for the ride!
This story is both creepy and beautiful. It’s a retelling of The Girl Without Hands. I didn’t know that was even a thing but it sounded interesting. I’ve seen this one a couple of time around the blogosphere, but not enough! If it appeals to you, definitely give it a try.

Just realized that I read half of these books for TLC book tours! So thank you TLC for introducing me to these great reads and authors 🙂 
There you have it! Ten books from 2015 that I adored and need more attention! What books have you read this year that maybe not everyone has heard of? Hit me up with some recommendations!