When Deciding What to Read Next

How do you decide what to read next? For me this is often a time-consuming problem. I’m a mood reader–and I can be very moody.

Sometimes I know right away what I want to read next. But this is pretty rare. Often I might have a vague idea of what I want–like maybe a genre–but it takes me a while to narrow it down. I’ll go through the books in my personal library, pulling out anything that even remotely piques by interest.

I then often find myself sitting on my floor, staring at my shelf, surrounded by a pile of books. I’ll pick one up, flip through it, put it back down, pick up another, read a few pages, put it down, and the cycle goes on. There may even be some hair pulling.

I find this often happens at the most inconvenient of times. Maybe I’ll finish a book when I’m on my way out, or on my way to bed. I either don’t have the time or the inclination to pick something out. BUT, I can’t just NOT. I need something to bring with me! If I’m going out, I need a book in case the mood or the opportunity strikes! If I’m going to bed, I need something to read before I sleep, even if it’s only a few pages!

But, OF COURSE, I’ve finished my book and now need to pick something new out. This can be a very stressful time.

Examples from my insane brain:

This book is definitely one I’m going to want to read at SOME point, but now isn’t that point.


Boo, contemporary. WHERE IS THE MAGIC. 

Boo, magic! I want something REALISTIC.

Gah, this is TOO realistic! It’s depressing!

This is too happy! It’s making me want to puke!

What is WITH these names?! They are ridiculous and totally made up.

I cannot HANDLE how boring these names are right now.

Where’s the ROMANCE?


Eventually I’ll read the first few pages of a book and find myself not wanting to stop. That’s how I know I’ve found THE ONE. I usually sigh in relief and continue reading, content that I can finally relax and fall into my book. For now, anyway. And the mess I just made? I’ll clean it up later.

How do YOU decide what to read next? Are you strict in your TBR? Do you have your next read planned out? Are you a mood reader like me? Is your brain a total nuthouse like mine? Do you have any tips for me?! Let me know in the comments!!