How Do You TBR?

Readers are as different from one another as the books we read. We all have our own preferences and way of doing things. As I explore the book community more, I see more and more of these differences and have come to appreciate them!

When it comes to the TBR, it seems that everyone has a different way of doing things. Some readers are dedicated to making their TBR pile zero. Some readers don’t care. Some readers consider their TBR to be the books on their Goodreads shelf. Other readers have a literal TBR pile. Or shelf. Some have both! 

Personally, I have a TBR that there is no way I am ever going to get through. To me, it’s books that I would like to someday read. But, honestly, there are just far too many of them for that to even be possible. But that doesn’t stop me! I will keep adding books to my “to-read” shelf on goodreads, I will keep bringing home stacks of books from the library and the bookstore. I will keep having good intentions. That’s just how I roll. 

I am comforted being surrounded by so many books. I love knowing that whatever mood strikes, there should be something within reach that will satisfy me. YA fantasy? Loads! Something a little paranormal? Sure! Dip the toes into the literary? Definitely! A classic? You betcha! 

If we’re being honest, I’d say I currently own somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred books that I haven’t read. And I still come home with more. I’m trying to curb my book buying—but not for any need to lower my TBR. It’s because books can be expensive, yo! And I’m running out of space! 

Every now and then I’ll go through my books and weed out any that have overstayed their welcome and I’m probably not going to read. Those I donate to either my library or a used bookstore. But every book that I keep on my shelf, I fully plan on reading. Someday. Probably.

(Side note, does anyone have advice about  getting rid of ARCs? Is it okay to give them to charity shops? I don’t want to recycle them, don’t have anyone to pass them off to, and don’t have the money to ship them to anyone. I just sort of hold on to them…) 

I think that everyone has their own way of doing things—and that’s okay. More than okay—awesome!  If you have the funds and the space, I say go crazy! Have a physical TBR of THOUSANDS! That’s what I would do. If you want to read all the books you own before you buy any new ones, power to ya! If you’re somewhere in the middle, neato!

SO—how do YOU TBR? Do you have a special TBR shelf and/or pile? Do you have an Amazon wishlist and/or a (giant) to-read shelf on Goodreads?