What Are Your Bookish Preferences and Pet Peeves?

I don’t know about you, but I am very particular when it comes to reading. I’m not talking about what goes on in the book’s story—today I’m talking about the act of reading and physical bookish things. What are your preferences? Your pet peeves? (Why are they called pet peeves anyway?)

Reading Preferences

When it comes to where I’m reading, my favourite place is on a comfy couch by a large window. I love natural lighting! And, of course, comfy couches. 
My beverage of choice of late has been a steaming cup of coffee. It used to be tea, but I find coffee more forgiving. By that I mean there are less chances I will forget about it. You see, with coffee, you just pop everything into the machine and let it do its thing. If you forget about it, you just reheat it. It may be a little stale, but still drinkable. With tea, there are more steps, and therefore more chances for me to forget! Well, really there is one more step and that’s the kicker. You have to boil the water (which I ofter end up doing three times before I remember to get it and steep it). Then you put your lovely tea in and let it steep. If you forget about the tea during this step, it usually ruins it. So………. YEAH. Rant over. Coffee it is! 
I prefer to be sitting with my feet up when reading. Unless, of course, I am in bed. If I’m laying down reading during the day, I’m 100% going to fall asleep. 

I prefer to be reading a trade paperback. The size and the weight are usually on point! Mass markets can be pretty dumb (though the floppy ones are slightly less dumb). I don’t usually mind reading a hardcover, unless it’s giant. Then it’s lame and inconvenient. But, like I said in last week’s post, I’d rather own a hardcover.
If I’m reading a hardcover, I prefer to leave the dust jacket on. I don’t usually have a problem of it moving around or slipping. I’d rather have it on than end up getting something on the actual book. Plus, the flaps can serve as a bookmark in a pinch. 

It’s best to be reading when my cat is asleep. Otherwise… Enter felinus interruptus.


I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE books with velvety covers. It gives me a feeling akin to nails on a chalkboard. I will not read books with these types of covers because I simply cannot touch them without wanting to die. If it’s a hardcover, that’s one of the times I’m willing to take off the jacket.
Paperbacks with cover flaps! No, I don’t mean french flaps. I’m totally down with those. I mean books with those basically pointless flaps where the cover just sort of ends too soon. HATE IT. WHAT EVEN.

Cover changes. I think we can all heave a collective sigh over this one. This is especially annoying when there is a cover change mid-series. Because, WHY. WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE? 

… But I’m also not a fan of cover changes at paperback release. The book cover is basically that book’s logo. When I think of the book, that’s the image I think of. So if I have a particular image in my mind associated with a particular book, I don’t like it when they change that at paperback release. I get that it kind of rejuvenates it from a marketing standpoint, but I still don’t like it (unless, of course, the original cover is super uggo). 
When books in a series AREN’T NUMBERED! This is most annoying when I’m in a bookstore, but it’s also annoying when I’m organizing a book series on my shelf and I can’t remember the order. I don’t want to have to GOOGLE IT. I WANT IT TO SAY ON THE BOOK! Like, how hard is it to put “Book one” on the cover somewhere? Or even list the books in order on one of the first pages? Are you trying to ruin everything? 
Broken spines and dog-eared pages. This classic just irks me somethin’ awful. I try really hard not to break the spines of my paperbacks. But if they do break… a piece of me dies a little. Samesies when I see someone dog-ear a book. ESPECIALLY IF THAT BOOK ISN’T THEIRS (i.e. if it’s MINE or a library book that I will read/look at). 

When books are all different heights. I wish hardcovers were all one uniform height, and paperbacks all one uniform height, etc. So that there would be symmetry and unity on my shelves. Publishing industry, get on that, k?

When people interrupt me when I’m readingfor no good reason! If you need to convey some sort of important information to me, then okay. That’s legit. But if I’m clearly really into my book and don’t do anything to indicate I want to chat, I DON’T WANT TO CHAT. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.
When bookstores don’t have the first book in a series. I obviously can’t start with book two! Have more stock of the first book! Obviously more people are going to be looking for this one and the latest one than the random middle ones!
Stickers. When there are stickers on my books it’s the most annoying thing. Some stickers are nice ones and are easily removable. Most, however, don’t come off without a fight. And they leave stupid sticky residue! Just enough with the stickers already! Use signs! Use anything other than stickers unless you have the nice ones! But really, you don’t need to use any! Because unless it’s the price, we don’t really care! 
So these are some of my preferences and pet peeves! 
Do we share any? Do we disagree on any? What are yours?