Let’s Recap!

These are the books that have been in my life the past week:
  • A Reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell—I finished this one up and did a book tour post on it! Read my review here. 
  • Voyager by Diana Gabaldon—I’ve been plucking away at this one for a few weeks now. I’m really enjoying it, but it’s going to be a long haul! 
  • The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski—I just started this one the other day. A hundred pages in and loving it already! 
  • Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why by G Willow Wilson—I picked this one up on Friday. I’m so excited! I’ve pretty much gobbled it up though. Only one issue left 🙁 

I’m pretty happy because I’ve gotten out of my reading slump! I had been feeling stressed about my review copy load but I’m feeling much more optimistic now! 

This week has also been a great TV week for me! Orphan Black  is back on (!!!!!!), I’ve been catching up on season 5 of Downton Abbey, and I’ve discovered Happy Endings on Netflix. I’m obsessed with all of these. Are you? You should be. 

This week I had a lot of fun with Top Ten Tuesday, picking 10 quotes! I also had a lot of fun with the book tour for A Reunion of Ghosts! It was a great read. 

I’ve also been pretty wrapped up in planning! My parents and I have begun planning our trip to NYC! We booked our flights and have been scouring Airbnb for a place to stay. I’ve been working on a spreadsheet to schedule my time there for BEA! We’re going to be there from May 26th to June 1st. BEA and Book Con run from the 27th-31st. I’m trying to decide what touristy things I want to do because a lot of my time will be spent at the conference! Have you been to NYC? What do you think are the top things I should check out? I’m a little nervous about BEA—it’s my first time. Do you know any good blog posts about BEA? Do you have any tips for me? 

Here are some of my favourite bookish posts from this week!

Things I’m super excited about coming up on Fuelled by Fiction:
  • TLC Book Tour for Diamond Head by Cecily Wong on April 29th! This book is getting some great buzz! I’m excited to read it:) Oh—there will also be a giveaway!
  • TLC Book Tour for Second Life by SJ Watson, author of Before I Go to Sleep! This is a highly anticipated release and I will be hosting the stop for it on June 9th! Again, you will have a chance to WIN A COPY! 
  • Last, but certainly not least, the TLC book tour for The Invasion of the Tearling, the very eagerly anticipated sequel to The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen! I will be hosting the stop for this tour on July 1st, and you will also have the chance to WIN A COPY! Woohoo!!

What have you been up to this week?

Beth is the founder and editor of Fuelled by Fiction. She is a twenty-something east coast Canadian girl who loves writing about books and feminism.