Top Ten Tuesday #10: Bookish Problems

Top 10 Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish

Because I clearly can’t read (oh the irony), I did this week’s TTT last week. So I guess I’ll do last week’s this week!

Top Ten Bookish Problems

1) When people say some variety of “ You don’t need any more books,” or “You already have too many books.” DJSDJFHO. First of all, no I don’t need any more books; not literally. You don’t need anything fun. You could survive without fun. It would just suck, and life would have way more meaning if you actually enjoyed it. Second, no such thing as “too many books.” If you can’t understand that, why are we friends…? 

2) I don’t have enough money for all the lovely books I want. Give me your lunch money!!!

3) I am an impulse shopper. Refer to 2).
4) I don’t have enough (any) friends IRL that love reading. This is lame. I have no one to blab to or fangirl with. Or have intelligent, well informed literary conversations with. I like both. I get neither. 

5) I am a freak and am too scared to drive into the actual city. Therefore, there are no indie bookstores/comic book stores for me to frequent and support 🙁 

6) I still live at home and am running out of space for my books to live. 

7) I’m never sure where I stand on loaning my books. On one hand, if I love something, I eagerly want to share the love. But then I sometimes have regrets. Because, since I do love it, I actually want it back and in perfect condition kthnxbai. 

8) When people IRL ask me for a book recommendation. I should really pick some go tos… Anyway. I like to take my time and think about things. But if someone puts me on the spot, at least half the time I blank. And then think of like 2853498693 books they would like later when it no longer matters. 

9) When I have the first few books in a series in paperback, and then the next one comes out and I just can’t wait for the paperback to come out. So, it ends up looking stupid on my shelf. THEY NO MATCH. I have similar feelings when it comes to comics. I have the other issues in the trade paperback but the next one doesn’t come out until forever! I want to know what happens now but don’t want to get the single issues if I don’t have the whole series in single issues. You feel me?

10) Staying up way too late reading. I do this all the time. I am the type of person that really needs their beauty sleep or can be a total crankpot/zombie the next day. I can’t survive on less that 6.5 hours. I will fall asleep walking. I might anyway.

What are your bookish problems?