Bout of Books: DAY 4

Bout of Books

Hey guys,

Let’s talk about Bout of Books.

Here is an update from yesterday, bout of books Day 3.

Yesterday I spent more time than I should have surfing the internet, reading blogs, reading other stuff. I did a lot of my normal stuff, not actually making an effort to read more than normal. That was a little lame on my part. But I must say, I am easily distracted. During my internet surfing shenanigans, I happened to be on twitter during the Bout of Books Twitter Chat. This was completely by accident. I remembered reading on the website that these were things that were going to happen, but I didn’t really know what it involved (CONFESSION TIME!) as I had never been involved in a twitter chat, or even really gave any thought to what that actually was. I am super glad, however, that I was online! I got involved and it was really fun and entertaining! The moderator asked questions, and those participating answered using the hashtag #boutofbooks. It was super neat. I loved interacting with other readers and participants. If I am available, I will definitely be participating in the next one!

When the chat was over, I hunkered down and continued reading where I had left off earlier. I had  been reading Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King. After I posted my Day 2 update, I went on to read the first 95 pages of this beauty! Yesterday I read another 120 pages! So, overall, not as bad of a reading day as I had thought.

Update from Bout of Books Day 4

I have just finished Please Ignore Vera Dietz. It is very thought provoking and feels-inducing. I now have a major book hangover. I don’t want to get too into my thoughts on this book right now. I will definitely be reviewing it. Right now I have Vera Dietz tunnel vision, so I think anything I say will be skewed. It feels right now like its the only book in the world. I don’t know how I going to pick up something else to read. We’ll see how that goes.
(If you want to pick up Please Ignore Vera Dietz, you can get it on BookOutlet for less than five bucks!)

Have you ever had a major book hangover? What was the book?

Are you participating in the Bout of Books Readathon? Link me to your posts!

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