Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Ten Characters You Wish Told the Story from 
Their Point of View (in no particular order):

1. Rosie From the Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison. 
I don’t know about you, but as a middle grader/teen I was obsessed with these books. They are hilarious! Rosie was always one of my favourite characters. She’s totally nuts and has a Scandinavian boyfriend named Sven who’s country of origin is a mystery even to her (Sven doesn’t speak English, really). Rosie is always doing weird stuff like making up Viking dances for her Viking wedding to Sven (who has no idea what is happening). 

2. Tommy from Never Let Me Go
Tommy is an outcast, a loner. He was always the butt of the joke, and threw some serious tantrums. As he got older he made more friends, but even his girlfriend Ruth often felt the need to put him in his place. Only Kathy every really saw him.

3. Rochester’s crazy wife in the attic, Bertha Mason, from Jane Eyre
For some reason, Rochester thought it was totally fine to secretly lock up his mentally ill wife in his attic and pretend she didn’t exist. Jane thought the place was haunted from all the crazy sounds! I guess at the time mental hospitals were essentially prisons who basically tortured their patients so I suppose I can forgive Rochester a bit. But hearing Bertha’s point of view would be super interesting!

4. Hermione from Harry Potter
This one seems pretty obvious. Hermione can be so snarky and self-righteous sometimes. It would be amazing and hilarious to get the story from her point of view! Love her!

5. Horry from This is Where I Leave You
He is such a poignant character. His side of things would be a really interesting focus.

6. Dally from The Outsiders
Dally is the resident badass. He is such a great character with many layers. I would love to know what he’s thinking.

7. Luigi Vampa from The Count of Monte Cristo
Luigi Vampa is this Roman bandit. He is like the king of the bandits. His relationship with the count is mysterious and interesting. I would love to know more about Vampa and his escapades, as well as his take on the count.

8. Humphrey from The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
Humphrey is such a complex and eccentric character. You only figure out the extent of this complexity at the end of the story. He was my favourite character in this book and I would love to hear things from his side.

9. Tommy Ross from Carrie
He is such an innocent bystander. He was the only one that was ever nice to Carrie. 

10. Mary from Pride & Prejudice 
I love Mary. She is hilarious. She is always overlooked and trying to be really deep. It would be so funny to see things from her side. She would be so negative and depressing about things!

What would your top ten be?

Beth is the founder and editor of Fuelled by Fiction. She is a twenty-something east coast Canadian girl who loves writing about books and feminism.