Gift Ideas for the Bookworm In Your Life

No matter the occasion, when it comes time to get our loved ones a gift, we want to show them that we care and that we can be thoughtful about it! If you’ve got a bookworm in your life, here are some ideas that might tickle their bookish fancy! Or if you are a bookworm yourself, here are some things you might want to add to your own wishlist! 😉
The first and perhaps most obvious thing to consider buying your bookworm is a book. If your loved one is a hard-core reader, this might not be as easy as it sounds. How do you decide what book to get them? What do they not already have? What have they not already read? What would they like to read that they won’t have have bought for themselves before you give it to them?
How you go about this depends on what kind of gift giver you are. Do you prefer to surprise your loved ones? Or be more straightforward to ensure they get what they want? If you are the latter, then you’ll probably just ask them! If you’re the former, here is a quick sleuthing tip. Try to make a tentative decision based on there Goodreads “To Read” page! Most bookworms will be frequent flyers on this bookish social media site. If you can, take a quick gander at their bookshelves to see if they already have a copy. If you’re not feeling the effort, or if they are just impossible to buy for, consider a gift card/certificate to their favourite bookstore (online or off).

Feeling Adventurous? Try These gift ideas for bookworms! (Photos are links)


Litographs is a US company that makes shirts, totes, and posters out of book art! This art is especially neat because it is entirely composed of words. And not just any words–the words of the book it’s about. For example, the poster here is Wuthering Heights. It’s not just a picture of Wuthering Heights, the picture is made up of novel itself. And it’s readable! (The tote here is Tess of the D’Urbervilles and the t-shirt here is Oliver Twist).

Out of Print Clothing also has a lot of really cool stuff! They have T-shirts, totes, phone cases, jewelry, and other neat accessories printed with classic book cover designs!


Bookish Jewelry

This beautiful sterling silver pendant is from the New York Library and is engraved with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
This pendant is a quote from Jane Eyre and would make a great gift to a wife or bride! You can find it on Etsy! 


Know a Salinger fan? This necklace from Out of Print Clothing is Holden’s hunting cap from Catcher in the Rye!  
Take a trip down the rabbit tale with this Alice in Wonderland necklace from Out of Print Clothing!
Any girl with a book in her purse could use a few dangling from her ears! Charm your lady book worm with these Stack of Books earrings form the Literary Gift Company. 

This is another excellent Etsy find! 

Bookish Apparel

This top is totally me. Anyone else? 😉 It would make a great PJ or lounge top!


This beaut is from Fellow Threads and is part of a collection of Harry Potter themed tops! This one is my fav! 


These gems are Etsy silk-screen creations. I love the old timey ampersand print! They would make an excellent addition to the closet of your well dressed, font-loving man!


This top is Harry Potter meets Doctor Who and would be a great gift for your chic geek! 😉 

This is a leather hand crafted bag that is modelled after the door at Bag End from Lord of the Rings! Although it could be unisex, it would probably make a better gift for the lady LOTR fan in your life!  (cough ME cough cough)

These cozy onesies would make a great gift for any Harry Potter fan! What house would the sorting hat put them in?

I feel like this all the time.  Your bookworm who likes graphic tees would go for this one!

This cozy hoody printed with this classic Vonnegut quote  would warm both body and spirit on a cool wintery day 🙂






Bookish Mugs

When the weather outside is frightful, a hot beverage is certainly delightful! Especially when you’re drinking it from a neat mug while curled up with a good book!

This great mug from Modcloth would be great for either the bookish dude or the bookish lady! Let them know that they are Just your Type!

Gotta love this “Lost in the Stacks” mug from Strand books!

“Bookish …And Proud of it” I certainly am. Know anyone else who is? 🙂

Misc. Bookish Items

These pillows would make a great addition to the home of any book lover. They are so cool!

Paddywax has an entire “Library” collection of candles whose scents are inspired by famous authors. Want your room to smell like Jane Austen? Get one of these!

Gotta buy a gift for a serious bibliophile? Consider one of these personalized embossing stamps! It’s much classier than simply writing your name in the book and takes less time.

These adorable book ends would look great keeping that certain someones books neat and organized!

Got a classic lit lover? These BBC collections would be a great edition to their library! (I love the BBC’s Jane Eyre!!!)





Bookish Totes

Every book lover needs a good tote. How else are they going to carry around their books? They are especially useful when book shopping. And they are environmentally friendly!

This one is so neat!

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Books and cats. Am I right?

I have this one and love it!

Love the design on this one. Simple but cool!

Library Card!

Hope this has helped inspire you! (Either with your own Christmas list or picking out things to buy for your loved ones).