The Returned…

Okay guys…

So… I was looking into the TV series The Returned for my upcoming post about the book by the same title. I recently posted a confused rant about it (refer to said rant here). However, I got things a little mixed up. The French TV series The Returned is based on a French film, called They Came Back, and it (the French show) premiered in 2012. It just came to the US last year, and an American adaptation is currently in the works. It is the French show that is critically acclaimed.

This is all very interesting (and confusing) but doesn’t really have much bearing on my upcoming series. Although the book and this show share the same name, the show based on the book is called something else (this is discussed in my previous post). My first entry in the series of Books in the Media is going to be on the book The Returned and the show Resurrection. 

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