My empty corner of cyberspace

Hey guys, 

No one has ever actually left a comment on here, but I will continue to ask questions anyway. I may be essentially talking to an empty corner of cyberspace… but that’s okay. I don’t mind. 

So, readers (if, indeed, you do exist), what kind of books are you interested in reading reviews about? I tend to just read a random array of things and review them, but would it be better if I reviewed more specific books? Examples: books in the media, new releases, bestsellers, etc… or does it matter? What would most peak your interest and get you over here reading my posts? 

If you happen to be reading this, it would be pretty neat if you left a comment. 

Much love


Beth is the founder and editor of Fuelled by Fiction. She is a twenty-something east coast Canadian girl who loves writing about books and feminism.