“The Passage” by Justin Cronin

The Passage (The Passage, #1)The Passage (#1) by Justin Cronin

Post Apocalyptic, Paranormal, Horror, Sci-Fi
Paperback, 784 pages
Published May 17th, 2011 (first published 2010)

Amy is six years old when her mother leaves her at a convent. Amy befriends a nun there named Lacey who would do anything to protect her. Somehow Lacey knows that Amy is special. She doesn’t know how she knows this or how exactly Amy is special, but she is. A few days into her stay at the convent, government agents come for Amy. They claim to be taking her to child services, but Amy and Lacey both know their true purpose is a sinister one. However, one of the special agents, Agent Wolgast, comes to love the little girl during their time together. He too senses there is something special about her. And he will do anything to help her escape. Even so, what unfolds around them is unstoppable. Humanity’s only hope is Amy. That burden is Amy’s alone, and she carries it with her on her long journey into a dark future.

This book tells an apocalyptic tale of the United States torn apart by the unexpected result of a nightmarish experiment and the one girl who can save humanity. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll love it. I got really into it at first, loving every minute of it. However, as the story went on I was a little confused. There is a shift from one group of characters to an entirely new one that I was not expecting. At first, I really didn’t like it, and eventually lost interest. I persevered, though, and finished it! Once I got over the initial shock of this character changeover, I grew to like it again, and did enjoy the way the story panned out. In the end, there are some ways that the plot from the beginning are tied in again and I appreciated that. Looking back, it was a great story. My only complaint is that its length did cause me to lose interest in the middle, and I am no stranger to long books. To me that says that the length of his particular book may have been unnecessary. All told, it was a good read and I would recommend it.