Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Horror, Supernatural
Mass Market Paperback, 736 pages
Published June 1999 by Pocket Books

Mike Noonan is a best-selling New England novelist. Or, he was until his wife died four years ago. A seeming symptom of his grief, he has been unable to write since Jo’s death. Not only so, but he has also become the victim of vicious nightmares involving his wife and their summer home, Sara Laughs. In an attempt to confront his fear and grief, he returns there.

While there, he is thrust into the life of young widow and mother, Mattie, and her three-year old daughter Kyra. Mattie is caught in a struggle with Max Devore, her father-in-law, who has become hell-bent on taking Kyra away. Compelled by compassion and spiritual (demonic?) forces, Mike will do anything he can to help Mattie.

While helping Mattie and Kyra, Mike draws deeper into the mystery of his summer home, Sara Laughs. There is something, or someone, there with him, and he knows it.

This is only the third or fourth Stephen King novel I have read, and, like the others, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve read Carrie the classic horror story, as well as Joyland, his newer coming of age tale. In a way, this novel falls somewhere in the middle. It has many frightening and suspenseful elements while digging deeper and probing the depths of love and relationships. It was gripping, scary, moving, and, ultimately, very enjoyable.

If you like reading about the things that go bump in the night, definitely give this book a go!