“Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me?Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

At the beginning of Remember Me? Lexi Smart is your average 25 year-old woman living in London. She has an entry level job at a flooring company, lives in a small flat, has a crap boyfriend, and spends most of her time with her four best mates. However, all that changes one morning when Lexi wakes up in a hospital. She gets suspicious when the hospital staff begin treating her strangely. When she sees her reflection, she barely recognizes herself. She is two sizes smaller, her hair is a different colour, and her teeth are much straighter and whiter. There is something else different about herself that she can’t quite put her finger on… Maybe she looks… a bit older somehow?

As it happens, Lexi has been in a car accident. In a Mercedes to be exact. That she was driving. Even though she can’t drive and doesn’t own a Mercedes. Or so she thought. It seems that Lexi hit her head and is now suffering from amnesia. She has lost three years of her life and has a lot to catch up on. The Mercedes for example. She has a gorgeous and wealthy husband that she can’t remember meeting (let alone marrying), an important high paying job she doesn’t remember having, and an incredibly luxurious flat she doesn’t remember calling home.

It seems like she has the perfect life. But even perfect people have secrets, and it seems like Lexi has one that could ruin her “perfect” life.

As always, Kinsella delights with her novel Remember Me? Although, in my opinion, not as good as Can You Keep A Secret? I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.It was fun and light and funny–a perfect summer read.  It is kind of like the The Vow meets 13 Going on 30. Critics of Chick Lit–Yes, the premise of the novel is a bit implausible. However, you don’t turn to chick lit for something wholly original. You turn to it for a good time, and in that regard, Kinsella has yet to disappoint me! If you have read and enjoyed any of Kinsella’s other novels, you will probably enjoy this one, too! If you like chick lit, but haven’t read any Kinsella, what are you waiting for?! She is one of the best writers of the genre in my opinion!