“Promises to Keep” by Jane Green

Promises to KeepPromises to Keep by Jane Green
Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

Promises to Keep is a poignant tale that weaves together many lives. Callie is a photographer, cancer-survivor, wife, mother, sister, and daughter. Steffi, her sister, is a scatter-brained chef, a serial dater, and is in serious need of settling down. Honor and Walter, their parents, have been divorced for over thirty years and still cannot be in the same room together. Lila is Callie’s best friend and ex-roommate. She has finally found the man for her–Ed. His fatal flaw, however, is a crazy ex-wife. They are all brought together under regrettable circumstances and must rise to the occasion.

I liked this book, but not as much as I liked Second Chance, the first novel I read by Jane Green. Although I found the characters of Steffi and Callie pretty interesting, the constant shifts in perspective in the novel made it a bit convoluted. Although I do enjoy seeing things from different perspectives, I found there were just too many characters, or, at least, too many shifts in POV. The storyline itself could also have been spiced up a bit more. Although I enjoyed the book, I found that overall the story was just too predictable.