“Where We Belong” by Emily Giffin

Where We BelongWhere We Belong by Emily Giffin

Published April 16th 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin
Paperback, 384 pages

This is the story of Marian Caldwell and Kirby Rose. Marian is a successful TV producer living the dream in NYC. At least that is how it seems. But does she really have it all? Is she truly happy? Enter Kirby Rose. She is a angsty teenager looking for contentment as well as her birth mother. When she knocks on Marian’s door late one night, everything changes. For the both of them.

I found this book fun and charming–just like the other Emily Giffin books that I have had the pleasure to read. It is fun and funny, and just the right combination of serious and light. I find Emily Giffin Chick Lit at it’s best, and Where We Belong did not disappoint. That being said, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about the novel. One thing that I did notice (however neurotically) was the overuse of many adjectives. For example, the word “deadpan” was extremely overused. It takes only a couple of seconds to look a word up in the thesaurus to shake things up. However, I did really enjoy this book, and would recommend it if you like Chick Lit!