“The Red Queen” by Philippa Gregory

The Red Queen
The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

Historical Fiction, Royal Fiction
Paperback, 419 pages
Published June 7th 2011 by Touchstone (first published 2010)
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I liked this book. However, I don’t recommend reading it right after reading The White Queen because the plot is so similar. Although it’s through the eyes of a different character, it’s the same story. However, it was a good read.

Reading about Margaret Beaufort’s life really gives insight into the woman that she becomes. She had quite the rough go of it—married at 12, a mother at 13, and a widow the same year. She was married off again shortly thereafter, and was not allowed to raise her own son. Although it’s understandable why she became the way she was, she was still always kind of annoying and self-righteous.

Over all, I give it a thumbs up.