Book Blog Glossary

When I first jumped into the world of book blogging, there were lots of terms that I had to become familiar with. At first, however, this was a bit of a challenge. Many people would just throw these terms around like everyone knew what they meant. But sometimes I didn't. If you are new to blogging/reading blogs, or just want a refresher, here are some frequently used terms (or ones I just think are cool).

ALA American Library Association.

AEG All Edges Gilt—all edges of the book are gold.

AES All Edges Stained—all edges of the book are coloured. 

ARC Advanced Reading (Release/Readers) Copy. This is an advanced copy of a book that is given out to readers and reviewers prior to the book’s release. These are for promotional purposes. 

ARE Advanced Reading (Release/Readers) Edition. Refer to ARC.

BEA Book Expo America. This is a large, annual book trade fair for those in the book industry. 

Bibliophile A book lover and/or collector.

Blog Hop When you move from blog to blog to participate in something. Ex a giveaway. 

Blog Roll This is the list of blogs you follow regularly and would like to promote on your blog. 

Blog/Book Tour This is a virtual book tour that is hosted by different blogs each day. Generally a tour company will arrange for the blogs that will host the book and on their given day, the blog will post a review of the book and/or any promotional material.

Blurb This is quote from a review that can be found on one of the covers of a book. These are often praise from other authors promoting the book.

BookTube The community of people on YouTube who make videos (almost) exclusively about books and reading. 

DNF Did Not Finish. This is used to reference a book that you just couldn't even read until the end. 

eBook Electronic Book. These are read on tablets or eReaders. 

End paper The paper that holds the book block (all the paper that makes up the book) to the cover. These are found in hardcover books. 

Ex-Libris  Latin for "From the library of…” Usually found on a bookplate printed with the owner's name or initials. 

Frontispiece An illustration facing the title page of a book. 

Galley See ARC.

Genre A classification used to identify the overall form, style, or subject matter of a book (or other artistic composition). There are sub-genres and categories within a genre for further identification. 

Hardcover A more expensive, good quality book with a hard cover to extend the life of the book. New release books are almost always hardcover. 

Imprint A term that can refer either to the place of publication or to the publisher. Often used in reference to a publisher owned by a larger publishing company/firm. Ex. William Morrow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. 

Indie Short for Independent. This can refer to a bookstore or publisher. This means that they are independently owned and not part of a larger corporation or chain. 

ISBN International Standard Book Number. This is a unique nine digit number that identifies a book. 

Juvenilia Work written when an author was extremely young, often as a child.

Mass Market Paperback A smaller, less expensive paperback, usually pocket sized. These are usually released well after the hardcover and trade paperback have been released. 

Meme Something—mainly information, beliefs, or behaviours—that is passed from one person to another. In the blogging world this usually refers to a regular activity or post, such as Top Ten Tuesday. 

Middle Grade Used to refer to books geared toward an audience aged 9-12.

OTP One True Pairing. Soulmates type of thing. They are the best together.  

Paperback A book with a soft, flexible cover, made of either paper or card stock. 

POC Person (People) of Colour

POV Point of View.

Reading Challenge This is an organized virtual event that people take part in. It is usually hosted by a blog, and the host sets out the guidelines. There is a common theme and each participant sets a goal they plan to achieve during the allotted time period. 

Remainder Mark This is a mark that is put on a book, usually with marker, on the edge of a book. This is to indicate to the publisher that it is a remaining copy. This shows that it is being wholesaled at a discounted price. Ex. BookOutlet is a remainder wholesaler. 

Self-publishing or Self-published When an author publishes a book or other media without the involvement of a publishing firm/company. This is usually done at the expense of the author. 

Ship As a noun, it is a romantic couple. Used as a verb, i.e. to ship, it means to really like a certain (usually fictional) couple together. Ex. "I totally ship ___&___."

Sidebar The part of a blog or website that runs alongside the main posts. This generally contains extra information like buttons, profiles, labels, archives, etc.

Softcover See Paperback. 

Trade Paperback A larger, better quality paperback book. Or, when referring to comic books, the paperback collection of the first several issues in a comic book series. 

Uncorrected Proof See ARC.

YA Young Adult. Used to refer to book geared toward an audience aged 12-18.

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