Confessions of a Murderino: How I Became Interested in MURDERERS (i.e. True Crime)

 I haven’t been doing a ton of reading in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been doing anything particularly constructive though, either. What I have been doing though, is binge listening to tons of podcasts.

Now, I’m not saying that listening to podcasts isn’t constructive. There’s a ton of great shit out there, man. It’s just that usually when people listen to stuff like podcasts or audiobooks or whatever, they are doing something else.

Maybe they’re on the bus, or driving, or walking, or cleaning, or cooking, or literally anything else. But me? I’m usually just curled up on the couch with earbuds in and eyes closed.

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What I’ve Been Reading & Stuff—March Wrap-up

This year has been an interesting one so far—In mostly good ways. I’ve been trying to read less and leave my house more, but I’ve still been reading lots of really good books (obviously) and watching dope shows.

I thought I would do an update with the books I’ve been reading lately, etc. So… Here’s a March wrap-up. Read more…