Interesting Articles I Read This Week | Link Roundup

The thing you didn’t even know you needed, but, in fact, you did: Gilmore Girls Mashups from The Rumpus.

A piece from NewStatemen about millennials. Equal parts interesting and irritating.

Trevor Noah’s critique of Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech from Vulture. He makes a good point, honestly.

The politicizing of Teen Vogue and it’s feminist revolution, from Quartz. It’s not just a magazine about clothes and hair. It’s got substance, too.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards defends women’s right to healthcare, from Jezebel. Richards says that all public funding goes towards women’s health and preventative care, not abortions. That funding and that care is now at risk. It’s sad on so many levels, but especially because that very preventative care is a large contributing factor to the 30 year low of unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. Which has, in turn, decreased the need for abortions. So, what the heck, people? Isn’t abortion (which is completely legal in the US) the reason why Planned Parenthood is so controversial? Isn’t abortion the “reason” behind the proposed defunding?

In the same vein as the previous link–fellow Canadians, check out the Canadian Women’s March website and find a march near you! Come out in solidarity with women of all kinds and our neighbours to the south.

Amazing interview with the ever lovely Jessica Valenti on The Rumpus. I loved this part:
Rumpus: Are there other writers you’d recommend who you feel open up this conversation?
Valenti: Read anything that arouses curiosity and desire in you and makes you ask questions about what it is to be a woman in the world. For me, it’s books by Joan Didion and Raymond Carver. So not necessarily only feminist books but any books that open up important issues and make you question the status quo, culture, identity, and your own desire.

Check out this article from Quartz about the power of poetry, and click through to the full poem!

According to Greenpeace, streaming services like Netflix are bad for the environment, from Quartz. This makes me very sad.