Quotes to Get You Feeling Autumnal

It's that time of year again. The time of year when fall has officially begun, and I can no longer deny the inevitable ending of summer. Don't get me wrongfall is beautiful (both literally and figuratively). But there's just something about summer that I never seem to want to let go. The long, lazy days, the heat of the sun, the warm breeze through the luscious greenery. There's something so innocent and childlike about summer, something so pregnant with possibility. 

With fall comes the cold, the return of responsibility. Even now that I've been done with school for a few years, I still feel victim to the same clock. Whether or not I actually took vacation in the summer, it feels like vacation is over. 

Jessica Valenti's Sex Object: A Memoir ... And Me

Photo via Unsplash
Eight months or so ago, I discovered the work of prominent feminist writer and activist, Jessica Valenti. She’s been doing great work for several years (which, apparently, I’ve been oblivious to), including writing and co-writing six books and founding the website Feministing. After reading some of her stuff, I began eagerly anticipating the spring release of her memoir, Sex Object.

When Sex Object first came on my radar, I began frequently checking the library listings until I was able to put a hold on it. When it came in for me, it was crisp, shiny, and new in its protective plastic sleeve. I wanted to eat it.

The moment I got home, book in hand, I cracked it open and began to read. I devoured it.