What Kind of Reader Are You?

I am a mood reader. All the way. There is no way I'm sticking to a TBR. This is especially difficult when it comes to review copies, but that's a topic for another day.

I've always been one to resist authority and obligation. I hate being told I have to do something, or feeling like I have to. Immediately all the fun is sucked out of it. This is even true of self-imposed obligations.

For example, I seriously doubt my ability to be a productive member of a book club. Even if it was a book I really wanted to read, just knowing that there was a certain date I'd have to read it by would ruin everything and get my rebellious juices going. If I did manage to get it read, I can guarantee you it was reluctantly—no matter how good the book was.

Reading Slumps, Blogger Burnout, and Quarter Life Crises

Life has been super weird lately. Things had been going pretty well, everything seeming to fall into place. Then I felt a familiar, unwelcome twinge. I could sense a shadow lurking around the corner, waiting to cover me in its darkness: a reading slump. It all started going downhill from there.

It came upon me slowly at first. Then all at once. While dipping my toes in a few good, interesting books, I found myself losing focus. I was gravitating to the television. To the mall. To friends. These things are not bad in themselves. They are pretty great, actually. But I was setting aside these great books, and pretty consistently.