It’s Monday. Whatcha Read In March?

Hey guys! It’s Monday! What are you reading? What did you read in March?

For me, March was a pretty good, but unproductive, month. The first week of March I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Mexico with my family! I had an amazing time! You can read about it here. This month, I only wrote seven posts. However, I have been having a good time making new friends and getting out of the house more! Wee!

I read six books in March: 
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (3.5/5)
In The Woods by Tana French (3.5/5)
Someday Maybe by Colleen Hoover (3/5)
In The Blood by Lisa Unger (4/5)
The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford (4/5)
Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2) by Katie McGarry (5/5)

Four of the six books were mystery thrillers, and two were contemporary romances. All were by women! One of them was a library book, and I’m pretty proud of that haha. I’m always proud of myself when I read a library book because I do it so rarely. Yay me!

Right now I am reading Black Apple by Joan Crate. I started this book about a week ago but when Walk the Edge came out, I couldn’t help myself! I put down Black Apple so I could read it 😛 But I’ve finished it and am back on course. I’m enjoying Black Apple so far. It’s making reflect on Canada’s checkered history and to think about what makes us human.

How was your March?

Beth is the founder and editor of Fuelled by Fiction. She is a twenty-something east coast Canadian girl who loves writing about books and feminism.