DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Hardcover… or Paperback-Which do YOU Buy?

I was book shopping yesterday (surprise surprise, I know), and contemplating deep, philosophical ideas. Like, do I like hardcovers or paperbacks better? There are some definite pros and cons to both, you know? 

  • They are cheaper. (Save those dollah-dollah bills y’all!)
  • They are lighter. (No bloody noses if you drop ‘em on your face!)
  • They are more likely to fit in your purse (Because I gotta have a book with me at all times)

  • Their spines break easier (especially mass market ones)
  • They get beat up overall easier (worn edges, anyone?)

  • They are sturdy, and thus last longer.
  • Dusk jackets are nice and protective (and the edges can double as a book mark!)
  • They look really nice on book shelves. 
  • For some reason they are cheaper at Value Village (second hand store)

  • They are pretty heavy. Especially if the book is long.
  • Brand new they are hella expensive (though YA and kids ones are less)
  • They are chunky (they don’t fit in all my bags!)

So… I’m torn. I think I prefer to read paperbacks, but I’d rather own a hardcover. Especially if it is a book that’s a favourite. They just look better and last longer! 

What about you? Which do you prefer?