Going to NYC for BEA!

Hey guys!

I’m going to be out of town and without a computer for a week! I’m going to NYC for BEA and book con! I won’t be posting on here during that time, but I will be tweeting and instagramming like mad! 
When I get home I will do a wrap up post and a vlog! 
Have a great week 
Xo Beth 

Fangirl Favourites Friday: Drop Dead Diva

I came across this gem while surfing Netflix last summer. I think that perhaps Netflix recommended it to me? (If so, I love you Netflix). At the time there were four seasons on there, and I marathon’d them like a PRO. That’s how I roll when it comes to shows. Yes, I think I will sit here for four hours and watch episodes of this show back to back. When I finished those, I think I was a little burnt out and didn’t seek out any recent episodes on the web.

HOWEVER, recently it popped back up on Netflix with that beautiful banner: NEW EPISODES. I lost my mind and watched them all. In like, two days or something. That wasn’t enough for me. Marathonning one season is nothing. So, I took to the internet for season six :D. And I am watching it now. 

SO, for all of you out there who don’t know what DDD is, let me enlighten you. 

DROP DEAD DIVA is the story of Deb. And, well, Jane. The pilot starts off with up-and-coming model Deb as she struts her stuff getting ready for a shoot (or something, I forget). She’s prancing around the apartment she shares with her financé, Grayson. When she’s on her way to…whatever it is, she crashes her car into a grapefruit truck. And dies. 

She thinks she’s going to go to heaven… But she doesn’t. She gets stuck in some sort of office area with someone telling her while she hasn’t done anything strictly bad, she hasn’t done anything particularly good either. So, she’s not going to go to heaven… or the other place! She manages to hit the “return” button and get herself sent back to earth. But she’s not exactly Deb any more. Her soul got put into someone else’s body. And now Deb is Jane! But… still Deb. 

Jane is an intelligent, plus size, high powered lawyer with more focus on her work than on appearances or social life. Now Deb has her body, her smarts, and her life. This is all so weird! Deb is used to being stereotypically beautiful—and now she is in serious need of a hair cut and some new makeup. She gives “Jane” a makeover.

The question is, can she keep this life up and become the best of both girls? 

It might sound a little hokey, but it’s SO MUCH FUN. Jane (Deb/Jane is now going to be referred to only as JANE) is still in love with her fiancé Grayson, but he thinks she’s dead. Even if he knew the truth, could her love her in this body? Can she keep everyone believing she’s the real Jane? Can she be a lawyer? She manages to convince her best friend Stacey of her situation before her guardian angel Fred comes in and explains the rules to her. She will have to love Grayson from afar, because even if she wanted to, she’s not allowed to tell him! Not only that, but she has to figure out how to be a lawyer! 

I LOVE that the star is a gorgeous woman—but not stick thin. I LOVE that’s she’s both super smart and fashion-savvy. (And having eye-candy like Grayson on the show doesn’t hurt either).

It’s a little formulaic, and can get a little cheesy sometimes, but Jane is such a fun character. I love love love her and her shenanigans. 
I do have a couple of gripes, though. I don’t remember about the earlier seasons, but in season five, I DID NOT like the makeup artist’s work. EVERYONE’S face was darker than their neck! And pretty orange-y! NOT COOL. It was super distracting. 

Also, in all the ads for the show, Jane is SO photoshopped! You cannot even TELL that she is plus sized! What the heck is the point of that? When you watch the show you immediately see she is not as small as she is in the pictures. And why would you want to make her look that way? It’s a major merit of the show to have a normal looking lead!!!!!!! Gah!!!!!! 

Let’s take a look–
Promotional photos:

Shots from the show:

Still love it, though. Season six is its last so I’m sad to finish it D: 

If you love fun, quirky, hilarious characters and don’t mind an overall formulaic structure (to the legal aspect, mostly) then DEFINITELY check out DROP DEAD DIVA! *Giggles and flips hair* 

Bout of Books 13 Read-a-thon: That’s a Wrap!

It’s Monday May 18th and Bout of Books 13 has come to an end! Let’s see how I did!

First, let’s take a look at my TBR and goals: 
I had ten items on my TBR and had hoped to read at least six of themfour novels and two graphic novels/comics.
Let me begin by telling you that last Saturday (May 9th) I came down with a particularly inconvenient case of the flu. Saturday was not only two days before Bout of Books 13 began, but also my nephew’s first birthday! I spent the day in bed sleeping. Certainly NOT the celebration I had in mind.
The next day, I was faring no better. Somehow, though, come Monday I managed to drag myself to work. I may have been a zombie, but I was a present zombie. After work, I promptly went to sleep. Ditto Tuesday. Needless to say, not much reading took place—although some did! Wednesday morning I could not bring myself to get out of bed, howeverthough I tried. I slept all day until the evening, where I dined with Linden MacIntyre. Hopefully my carefully selected outfit and generously applied makeup hid my zombiesque state from the illustrious gentleman (and, of course, my colleagues). 

I was feeling a mite better Thursday, and halfway normal Friday, so I did some reading then (between work and physio). I worked Saturday, slept in Sunday due to a headache, and that brings me right up to the end of the read-a-thon. 
ALL THAT BEING SAID, here are my results! 
I managed to read 3 novels (ish), and 2 graphic novels/comics. I did not meet my first goal, but I did my second! So, yay! 
For novels, I went a bit off my TBR… Moonlight on Butternut Lake was the only one on there! I then picked up Punishment by Linden MacIntyre and Soulless by Gail Carriger. I enjoyed all of these!
For comics, I read The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck and The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Spider Verse Prelude. I enjoyed these, but didn’t love them. 

Stats time!
Novels Read: 3
Novels Finished: 2
Pages Read: 981
–                                          –
Comics Read: 2
Comics Finished: 2
Pages Read: 272
–                                          –
Total Books Read: 5
Total Books Finished: 4
Total Pages Read: 1253
Overall I’d say this was a pretty successful read-a-thon. Despite my illness, I read more than I usually do in a week, so yay me! I may not have stuck to my TBR novel-wise, but really, that was to be expected. 
Did you participate in Bout of Books 13 (or any of the other read-a-thons that have been going on)? If so, how did you do?? Have you read any of these books? Thoughts? Hit me up in the comments!! 


Linden MacIntyre Punishment The fifth estate CBC Fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction


I mentioned recently that I was going to have the opportunity to go out to dinner with none other than LINDEN MACINTYRE with a couple of colleagues. So, that happened. The other day. It was great! 

On Wednesday, I turned up at work wearing ever-so-slightly more makeup than usual. When I popped into circulation, I was directed to the office of my colleague with whom I’d be meeting Mr. MacIntyre. We chatted a bit and agreed when to meet up to head off. 

Mr. MacIntyre and my other colleague—who picked him up at the airport—arrived at the library so we could all go to the restaurant together. I didn’t know either of my colleagues particularly well, and Mr. MacIntyre not at all (obviously) so my anxiety was running a smidge higher than usual (yeah, I turned into a blithering idiot, but what can be done, really?). 

After cordial (and awkward, on my part at least) greetings, we made our way out to the car. Me being me, I didn’t know where exactly to walk. AND I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT. There were four of us, and only one of us knew where the car was parked—because it was hers, obviously. But she was chatting with Mr. MacIntyre, and so was the other lady, so I was just kind of awkwardly in front, and then kind of awkwardly trailing behind. The car was a sedan, and I got into the back seat—AND SO DID MR. MACINTYRE. I FELT  SO WEIRD. I wanted to say something but my thoughts were a cloud of nonsense. I think I cleverly (not) remarked upon the weather, but in my state, I think it came out in a squeaky voice that no one actually heard. So. Yeah. The other ladies did the talking. 
Then when we got out of the car, I did the awkward walking thing again. Eventually we made it to the table. But then more awkwardness ensued because I was weirdly in front again and the waiter was putting the menus and cutlery on the table, blocking off one side. While I stood waiting, I blocked everyone off from the table… 

So. Now we’re all at the table. With menus. You know, looking at them. As I wasn’t paying for my meal, I was looking at everything and thinking, hmmm, that looks good but it’s kind of pricey so I shouldn’t get that. But if I get this, I’ll want fries, but will that make me look like a kid because I’m already quite a bit younger than everyone else at this table?! Sometime during this inner turmoil, the waiter arrived to take our orders. Everyone seemed to know what they wanted. When he got to me, I just sputtered, “I’ll have the chicken parmesan.” Phew, I thought. I least I managed to say something I actually enjoy. 

The chatter was pleasant, small-talk stuff. The food arrived pretty quickly actually. And, oh boy. I looked at my bowl-plate thing, and thought, WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE. Chicken parmesan. Chicken. Cheese. On pasta. Not just any pasta. SPAGHETTI. IN PUBLIC. SEATED ACROSS FROM LINDEN FLIPPIN’ MACINTYRE.
I have enough trouble eating easy things under normal circumstances. Gees. I took a deep breath. And spent the rest of the meal worried my face was covered in tomato sauce. 

I had been reading Punishment in anticipation of this dinner. I thought I would ask a lot of clever, deep, philosophical questions, doing my English degree justice. I thought I would talk knowingly about the characters, and the moral situations they faced. But nope. I just occasionally added to the topics brought up by the others. And half the time I didn’t know anything worth adding. I was pretty significantly younger than the others at the table, and not particularly up to date on my politics. So, I didn’t know what they were talking about when it was something from “ten, maybe fifteen” years ago, or “back in ’92.” And I didn’t know what they were talking about when it was about the political climate today in Canada because, well, I don’t spend much time living in the real world—I spend my time in books…  So, when I wasn’t feeling awkward, weird, or really young and uninformed… Wait, what am I talking about. That’s how I felt pretty much the whole time. 
My feelings aside, Mr. MacIntyre seemed like a really interesting and kind man. It was great listening to him talk about his experiences writing, and promoting his books. It was also particularly interesting hearing him talk about his experiences with the correctional system in Canada. His journalism led him into a correspondence with a young man who the system had failed, and was continuing to fail.* He used this man as an example while explaining his thoughts about the ineffectual and dehumanizing nature of corrections in Canada. It was once about actually “correcting” and rehabilitating. But now it seems to be all about punishment. He spoke about how we throw everyone in prison and punish and dehumanize them… and then eventually they are back out in the world we expect them to just fit right back in. But that’s not how it works. I can’t remember if this is something that he said at dinner or something from his book, but the sentiment was, “If you treat people like animals, they will behave like animals.”

This was all exceptionally thought-provoking. I have almost never given any real thought to the justice system in Canada (or anywhere else). I’ve only thought of it in terms of entertainment, and, you know, just a thing that also exists in real life. This chat also shed more light on his book Punishment as I was still reading it. It seems like Tony has similar views to Mr. MacIntyre. The system needs reform. But is that going to happen anytime soon? Who knows. 

After the dinner, we went back to the library for the reading. I, unfortunately, had to go work in circulation, but I did manage to sneak over for a bit! Mr. MacIntyre did an excellent job—but who’s surprised? He’s a famous broadcast journalist. I tried to snap a few pics, but he was standing right in front of a big window and, despite the blinds being drawn, the sun was shining right on in.

So, here’s is what I took away from this experience: 
1) I am an idiot on many levels. But oh well.
2) Perhaps if you know where you’re going to dine before something like this, check out the menu beforehand so as to avoid chicken parm fiascos.
3) Linden MacIntyre is a very interesting fellow. And he’s written both fiction and nonfiction. Backlist binge, anyone? YES PLEASE.
4) As noted above, the TBR has grown. He also recommended Dead Wake by Eric Larson. I was on the fence about this one but LINDEN MACINTYRE TIPPED THE SCALES SO I IMMEDIATELY WENT OUT AND BOUGHT IT. Obviously.

5) Libraries are super awesome. That I already knew though. But it was reaffirmed. 
6) I’m going to make a fool of myself at BEA. But again, oh well.
7) I did something a little outside of my comfort zone, and I’m glad. It may not have been a total success on all fronts (“Where has my sentence-forming ability gone, brain?! Speak!”), but it was such a great opportunity!
Have you ever had such an experience (not necessarily with an author)? Have you ever met an author you admire? What would you do if you did? 

*He wrote a non-fiction book about this man, titled Who Killed Ty Conn? I AM SO GOING TO READ IT. 

Moonlight On Butternut Lake: TLC tour REVIEW + GIVEAWAY [closed]!

Fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction moonlight on butternut lake mary mcnear TLC book tours book bloggers book reviews

Fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction moonlight on butternut lake mary mcnear TLC book tours book bloggers book reviews
Moonlight On Butternut Lake
Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
Published May 12th, 2015 by William Morrow Paperbacks 

Moonlight on Butternut Lake is the third book in the Butternut companion trilogy. This book focuses on out-of-towner Mila Jones as she comes to work in Butternut as a home health care aide. Mila brings with her lots of baggage—not literally, she only has one small suitcase. However, any noise makes her start, she’s always looking over her shoulder, and she always has to be able to see the exit. A lot of people don’t notice this, how she’s always alert and subtly shrinks into herself. But Reid Ford, her cantankerous new patient, notices something is off about her. 

Mila has come to Butternut to get away and start over. This secluded Minnesota small town seems like the perfect place to do it. However, Mila is uncertain of her new job. She accepted it out of desperation, and is now regretting it a little bit. She was warned that this patient would be… troublesome, but she hadn’t expected his attitude to be quite so bad! All he does is mope around in his room all day—and everyone just lets him! She’s not going to be a push over. But she doesn’t exactly want to rock the boat either… 

Faced with someone—and a beautiful girl no less—who will finally tell it like it is, Reid slowly begins to come out of his self-imposed solitude. If Mila can break through Reid’s shell, can he break through hers? 

I began reading this book as spring finally broke through the long winter. The sun was in the sky, the birds singing, the thermometer was up to 24 degrees Celsius! Then I got further into the book and, of course, Maritime weather kicked in… and now it’s rainy and cold. However, Moonlight On Butternut Lake was the perfect book to break in the new season with. It’s a great read to pop into your beach bag, or your overnight suitcase as you head up to the cottage this summer. 

Each book in the Butternut trilogy can be read on it’s own, but if you read them in order you get a better understanding of the background characters as you go along. For instance, in this book Ally and Walker Ford will be familiar characters to you if you’ve read Up at Butternut Lake, the first book in the series. 

While I did like this book, I must say that I did not enjoy it as much as I did the previous books in the series. I had trouble connecting with the main characters at times, unable to get a real grasp on them beyond the superficial. Like, I know Mila has been abused and I know that Reid went through a terrible ordeal trapped in his car… But I felt like I only knew about them and their experiences—it often felt flat and superficial, leaving me feeling detached and with no emotional connection to the characters.  

That being said, I did enjoy the story. I flew through it! If you like a good light summer read, this series should be right up your alley! 

I also must note that I love WilliamMorrow P.S. editions! They come with more information about the author and helpful discussions questions! 

Storyline B
Structure/Execution B-
Writing B-
Characters B-
Conclusion B-
Enjoyment B

Please Note: I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my participation in this tour and my honest review. All thoughts here are completely honest and completely my own.

Fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction moonlight on butternut lake mary mcnear TLC book tours book bloggers book reviews
About the Author
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mary McNear is a writer living in San Francisco with her husband, two teenage children, and a high-strung, minuscule white dog named Macaroon. She writes her novels in a local donut shop where she sips Diet Pepsi, observes the hubbub of neighbourhood life, and tries to resist the constant temptation of freshly made donuts. She bases her novels on a lifetime of summers spent in a small town on a lake in the northern Midwest.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Really Want to Meet!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and the Bookish!
This week we’re talking about authors we REALLY want to meet!

As of right now, here are the ten authors that are on the top of my list (in no particular order)! The best part is that I will get the chance to see many of these authors in two weeks at BEA!

1) Jodi Picoult
I have read almost all of Jodi Picoult’s books and I’ve loved them! I’m super pumped because she’s going to be at Book Con with her daughter! 

2) A.S. King
A.S. King is my favourite author right now. I loved Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future, and I adored Please Ignore Vera Dietz. She’s going to be at BEA! My life is made. 

3) Stephen King
I’ve read tons of King’s books! He is obviously super talented. I haven’t read too many of his more recent books, but I loved Carrie and The Dark Half.

4) Jennifer Niven 
All the Bright Places is one of the best books I read this year. I had such a book hangover. It’s an amazing book. And guess what! She’ll be at BEA!

5) Gayle Forman
Since last summer,  I have listened to all her books on audiobooks! They are beautiful. And she’ll be at Book Con!

6) Sarah Dessen 
Sarah Dessen’s books played a big part in my adolescence. I was addicted to her books. Now I’ve picked up her more recent ones and can’t wait to read them! Oh, and she’ll be at Book Con!

7) Libba Bray
Like Sarah Dessen, Bray’s books played a big part in my adolescence. I loved the Gemma Doyle trilogy! I think I’m due for a reread. I also really enjoyed The Diviners. I hope I can snag a copy of the sequel at BEA!!!

8) Sophie Kinsella
I am currently in the middle of the Shopaholic series. Kindle never fails to make laugh, smile, and just put me in a great mood. Chick Lit at its best!

9) Chevy Stevens
I really enjoy her thrillers! My favourite kind of book. She’s also a Canadian like me! wee! 

10) Sara Raasch 
Snow Like Ashes was the first book I read in 2015! I loved it. I cannot wait until Ice Like Fire comes out! I really hope they end up having ARCs at BEA!!

Who are the top ten authors you would like to meet?

Yay! I’m Going to Meet Linden MacIntyre!

GUYS! A very exciting opportunity has presented itself! And
 I’m going to get to meet and chat with Linden MacIntyre! 

In case you didn’t know, Linden MacIntyre is a fellow Canadian! He is a journalist, broadcaster, and author. He’s won many awards for his journalism, including serval Gemini awards and an international Emmy! His novel The Bishop’s Man won the 2009 Scotiabank Giller prize.  

Linden MacIntyre’s latest book Punishment is up for one of the Atlantic Book Awards! It’s up for the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction. As part of the festivities, MacIntyre will be reading from Punishment Wednesday at the library I work at! I have been presented with the opportunity to dine with him and some of my colleagues before the reading! How COOL amirite?!

Here’s the synopsis of Punishment via Goodreads:  

In Punishment, his first novel since completing his Long Stretch trilogy, Scotiabank Giller-winner Linden MacIntyre brings us a powerful exploration of justice and vengeance, and the peril that ensues when passion replaces reason, in a small town shaken by a tragic death.

Forced to retire early from his job as a corrections officer in Kingston Penitentiary, Tony Breau has limped back to the village where he grew up to lick his wounds, only to find that Dwayne Strickland, a young con he’d had dealings with in prison is back there too–and once again in trouble. Strickland has just been arrested following the suspicious death of a teenage girl, the granddaughter of Caddy Stewart, Tony’s first love.

Tony is soon caught in a fierce emotional struggle between the outcast Strickland and the still alluring Caddy. And then another figure from Tony’s past, the forceful Neil Archie MacDonald–just retired in murky circumstances from the Boston police force–stokes the community’s anger and suspicion and an irresistible demand for punishment. As Tony struggles to resist the vortex of vigilante action, Punishment builds into a total page-turner that blindsides you with twists and betrayals. 

His novels are certainly on on my TBR, especially Punishment since it’s his latest and I have a copy. Now that I will be meeting Mr. MacIntyre, Punishment has jumped to the top of my list! It works out too because the Bout of Books 13 read-a-thon has begun! Hopefully I’ll get a good chunk of it read before the dinner. 😀

Are you familiar with Linden MacIntyre’s fiction, non-fiction, or journalism? 

Bout of Books TBR!

Fuelled by fiction Fueled by fiction bout of books read-a-thon

Bouts of Books 13 starts tomorrow! Wee! That means… it’s TBR TIME! 

Here’s a refresher: 

I gotta say… I’m not the best at following To-Be-Read lists. HOWEVER, I am going to give you my tentative list. These are books that I really want to read! I don’t know though if I will be getting to them during the read-a-thon. I’m a big mood reader, so this is the pile of books I’ll be picking from this week!
During Bout of Books 13, my goal is to read at least 4 books, and at least 2 graphic novels/comics
Here’s what I got so far:
Moonlight on Butternut Lake by Mary McNear. This is the third book in the Butternut Lake companion series! I participated in the book tour for Butternut Summer last fall and will be hosting a stop on the tour for Moonlight on Butternut Lake this Wednesday! I just need to finish this one up! I had hoped to be finished before the read-a-thon, but I’ve been pretty sick this weekend and haven’t been able to read much 🙁

She-Hulk by Dan Slott. I got this for Christmas and I haven’t finished it yet for some reason! I’m about halfway through and hope I’ll be able to crush it during this week’s read-a-thon! 🙂

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck. I have this one on hold at the library and it’s on it’s way to me! It should arrive before the end of the read-a-thon (hopefully). That way I can read the second volume!

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Spider Verse Prelude. I can’t wait to read this! Ms. Marvel is in it 🙂

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. This is Dessen’s latest book! I haven’t read her other two most recent ones, but I have them on my (non-bout-of-books) TBR.  This one sounds really good.

The Dinner by Herman Koch. I’ve heard really great things about this book and about this author. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while and when I saw it at the library last week I thought I’d pick it up for the read-a-thon.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This is one of the most hyped and talked about books right now! Everyone is reading it and loving it. It’s a psychological thriller and those are my jam so I’m looking forward to this one! I’ve had it on my shelf for a while, but for some reason haven’t picked it up yet. Gonna crush it during the read-a-thon!

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) by Richelle Mead. I totally marathoned the first three books, loving them way more than I thought I would! I immediately ordered the next box set and now it’s here! Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein. I haven’t read any of Wein’s other books, but they sound great. They are on my (non-bout-of-books) TBR. Random House Canada was kind enough to send me a copy of this book for review so… I should probably read it 😛

Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman. This is a book of short stories I’ve heard great things about. I thought this would be good for the read-a-thon because I could read a story here and there between books!

Are you participating in Bout of Books 13? What’s on your TBR? Have you read any of the books on my TBR? Are there any books here you think I should read first? Let me know!

Fangirl Favourites Friday: I’m In Love With Mindy Kaling (An Ode to the Mindy Project)

Fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction fangirl favourites mindy kaling the mindy project
Okay, so, I’m feeling a little sour today. Fox has announced that they are cancelling The Mindy Project, and I am heartbroken. Watching Mindy Lahiri and her ridiculous escapades has provided me with endless amounts of joy and entertainment. FOX, WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE.

Okay, I get that this last season of The Mindy Project may not have been like A+ material, but it was still super enjoyable and I want to know what happens next! I hope that some streaming media site picks its up became it’s an absolute gem. (Edit: It was picked up by Hulu! YAYAY)


Mindy Kaling is my best friend (I wish). She is so funny, smart, and successful. The Mindy Project really brought her and her talent into the spotlight! I loved her work on The Office and instantly fell in love with her most recent character Dr. Mindy Lahiri. And her clothes, have I mentioned her clothes? She is one stylish chica (both real Mindy and TV Mindy). Srsly, follow her instagram. 

After the first season of The Mindy Project totally slayed me, I was obsessed. It’s so hilarious. Remember when Mindy, in the thralls of some sort of relationship-related turmoil, would just sprawl out on the floor? So funny. I always got the biggest kick out of that. I think that is one of the things I missed most in this most recent (LAST?!) season. Mindy wasn’t single so her shenanigans were much more reigned in. She was still as crazy as ever, but she was doing less crazy, funny things. Although, I did appreciate the episode this season that had all her ex-boyfriends in it, curtesy of Morgan! That was sooo funny.

Who is your favourite of Mindy’s boyfriends? She’s dated so many strange, crazy, guys. I think my favourite was one she just went out on a date with… But couldn’t bring herself to keep seeing. He was that skater guy played by Timothy Oliphant.

I then learned that Mindy had written a book—a memoir of sorts—called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I loved it! It’s a short, enjoyable book of essays about Mindy’s life and work. I loved reading about her and her friend’s play Matt &amp; Ben. It sounds so ridiculous. I died laughing. Also, the pictures from when she was little. So funny, cute, & awkward <3.

The best part is she’s coming out with another book in the fall! It’s called Why Not Me? and they’ve just released the cover! Actually, I lied. That’s not the best part. But it contributes to the best part! The best part is that Mindy Kaling is going to be at BEA (Book Expo America) this year! And I’m going! And she’s going to be signing ARCs of her new book! I’m dying with excitement. I’M GOING TO SEE MINDY KALING WITH MY VERY OWN EYEBALLS. I’M GOING TO GET HER SIGNATURE. I’M GOING TO DIE. It’s also very cool because at BookCon (which I am also going to—Saturday & Sunday after BEA), Mindy and BJ Novak are doing a panel! I really hope to go to it! I’m going to have to try really hard to appear to be a normal human. Because I will want to scream and jump into Mindy’s arms. 
Do you share my love of Mindy Kaling (and Mindy Lahiri)? Are you inwardly (or outwardly) CRYING because The Mindy Project was cancelled? What makes you get your fangirl (or boy) on?

…..Now for some bonus Mindy GIFs,  JUST BECAUSE I CAN AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

Why I read YA and What Led Me Here

YA young adult fuelled by fiction fueled by fiction

My name is Beth, I am an adult (sort of) that reads YA. 

For as long as I can remember, my nose has always been in a book. I remember when I was a kid I was obsessed with Franklin and wanted to read every single one of the books about him. Then I graduated to chapter books and so on and so forth. When I was a middle grader, I loved fantasy. I was all about the fantasy. I loved Harry Potter, anything by Cornelia Funke, the Serpent’s Egg series, etc. Loved it. As I became a teenager, I “outgrew” dragons and magic, and had to read more things more “grown up.” This translated to stuff like any and all things by Sarah Dessen, The Book Thief, and the Twilight series. 

Again, when I became an “adult” I had to read more “adult” things too. I abandoned young adult literature, relegating it to a shelf in my past. Until this past year, the only YA I had read since I was a teen were The Hunger Games and Divergent. I thought that reading was about growing and moving forward, not looking back—each genre (middle grade, YA, Adult) a step toward maturation. While to some extent that is true, I didn’t grasp the importance of a good ol’ change of perspective every once in a while. 

In the fall there was a controversy surrounding adult readers of YA—an article was published shaming them! At that time I wrote a post about it. Since then I’ve been reading even more YA, and reflecting on my thoughts about what reading it means to me.  

People read books for all sorts of different reasons, and take away different things from each book. Some people read books to learn, to better themselves, to be challenged. Some people read for the escapism factor, to have fun, to be entertained. Some people read for a combination of the two. Neither is right or wrong! I think the best part of YA is that it can do all these things. It can be fun and exciting, but draw in tough and challenging themes in an accessible way. For example, All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is an amazing YA book that came out earlier this year. It’s very popular and for very good reason. This book talks about first loves, parents, school, friends, all that good stuff. But it also explores mental health issues and the support systems and structures that society is sorely lacking. 

Adolescence is such an important time in life. Everything is so powerful,  meaningful, and life changing. Everything is a first. Every character is on the verge of growth and development. That’s what makes it so interesting.

If you had asked me a few years ago what I thought about YA books, I would have turned my nose up at them. I was too high brow for that. Now I see the merit in them—for myself and for others. YA has this unique ability to make people super excited about reading (fandoms anyone?). If you look around the internet, the most excited and passionately vocal readers are often talking about YA (maybe not exclusively, but they usually touch on it). It’s because of these excited readers that I brought YA back into my life. And I’m so thankful.

I realize that YA is not for everyone. There is no one thing that really is for everyone! But YA writers today are churning out some amazing stuff, and I’m so glad that I’m not missing it.

In March, Bewitched Bookworms did a post about why YA rocks and I totally agree. 

… Because it makes me excited! The stories draw me in and get me hooked! 

… Because adolescence is a microcosm for life as a whole, really. 

… Because coming of age stories are awesome, always have been and always will be.

… Because there are so many kick-butt heroines gracing their pages.

… For a change of perspective.

… Because emotions are heightened. THE FEELS. ALL OF THEM.

… Because… It’s amazing

Do you read young adult books? Why or why not?