24 Hour Readathon Wrap Up

At the last minute, I decided to participate in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. This took place yesterday, and I introduced the readathon in my previous two posts. I didn’t know much about the readathon when I jumped into it, so I didn’t end up participating in any of the mini-challenges or the like. Not only that, but I didn’t have my day planned to maximize reading time…

I thought that yesterday would be a totally fine day for a readathon. I thought, Hey, I only work until 12:30, then I’m home free! Nope. That’s not what happened. I did work until 12:30pm, but then ended up having a thing a 2pm. I read for a little bit in between, but not all that much. I ended up not getting home until 3pm.

140/320 pages

I thought, Okay, well there’s still plenty left of the day! Yes, and no. I had stayed up late the night before finishing a book because I just had to finish it, you know? So, while reading yesterday afternoon, I was overcome by sleepiness and had to have a nap. When I woke up, it turned out my parents were having company for dinner. So, I joined them. THEN I went and babysat my nephew! He’s only 11 months old so he was asleep around 9pm but still. I read for a couple hours there, but then fell asleep again…

So, not the most successful readathon, but I did have reading on my mind a lot! All in all, I read about half of Diamond Head–140 pages. That’s still pretty decent though, right? Considering? I didn’t complete a whole book or anything, let alone multiple like some people, but that’s okay! I made sure I read every spare moment I could and read when I might have otherwise watched TV 😀

This readathon is happening again in October. Now that I know that, I will plan ahead! I will make sure I know when it’s happening and clear my schedule. It’s such a fun idea. I loved all the discussion on social media with the hashtag #Readathon!

Thanks to everyone who works so hard making the readathon such a success and to all those who participated, making it so much fun! See you next time!!!!

Did you participate? Will you participate next time?