Sorry About My Radio Silence!

I had a pretty busy schedule last week; lots of work and then off to the cottage! I was pretty excited because I hadn’t been to the cottage yet this summer. It was a perfect weekend; the weather was excellent, I had lots of good books with me, and my family was there too. I just got back today! So, you can check out my latest review below, or by clicking here. 

Furthermore, I have some excellent news! Fuelled by Fiction is going to be part of several upcoming virtual book tours! What is that, you may ask? A virtual book tour is when, for a set period of time, an author visits different blogs promoting their book. Each blog that is part of the tour has a specific date. On that date they post a review of the book and the author “stops” by! Sometimes they also do interviews, guest posts, and/or giveaways! 

Book tours hosted by Fuelled by Fiction this summer:

July 31st: Lighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles

August 12th: The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo 

August 25th: The Agincourt Bride by Joanna Hickson 

For each of these tours you’ll have the chance to win a copy of the book, so keep an eye out!

  • Hallo, Hallo Beth! 🙂

    I stumbled across your lovely blog today, as I was looking to see who was on the "The Ghost Bride" blog tour with TLC!? I always like to visit fellow book bloggers, and as my Summer has been a bit off-kilter my visiting days have been limited up until now! I came to find this novel last year whilst it was touring the blogosphere then, but I cannot remember if it was on a different blog tour OR if a lot of book bloggers were reading it at the same time. I remember connecting to the story through one of those readings, and always had earmarked off this novel to be a 'next read' as soon as I could borrow it through my local library! I love borrowing books, as it is a great way to experience new authors and literary avenues — however, as time would have it, my literary wanderings took me a lot of different places since I came across "The Ghost Bride", which is why when I found out about the blog tour, I simply smiled! Do you ever experience those moments of serendipity when you find a book!? As though there is a particular moment your meant to read the story?!

    Speaking of things, you started blogging in June of 2013, I started in March, but launched live in August! My blog is celebrating its 1st birthday in a bit over a week! We have similar interests from what I have gathered browsing your lovely blog today and I look forward to returning to read your thoughts on the books that alight in your hands! Perhaps, we'll share a few conversations as well. The biggest thing we mirror each other in is how we spell words — I actually had a bloke visit my blog once who discredited part of my review because of the British spellings! I put him straight on that, but he did not return. Ironically or no, I do not think people always realise the International spellings of common words and phrases, and that not all book blogs (or blogs in general) are in American English. I celebrate that diversity, personally! (I also explain my penchant for British English under "My Bookish Life")

    Here's to being on blog tour for "The Ghost Bride" and to new acquaintances in the book blogosphere! Oh! I meant to say, I love your new title: "Fuelled by Fiction" you could say I attributed mine in a similar fashion! lol There are hidden meanings in our blog titles as they tend to reveal more than people realise!

  • Thanks for the comment! I remember when The Ghost Bride first came out. I was working in a bookstore at the time and considered buying it. I ended up passing it by, but it turns out maybe it's a good thing I did! I'm quite glad to be part of the tour. Yes, I started blogging last year, but didn't really get into it until a couple of months ago. I started posting more, getting involved in social media, and checking out other blogs. It started off as a something really that was just for me, but I'm really enjoying getting involved in the book blogging community! It's really nice to hear from you and i'll definitely be checking out your blog!