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I just finished reading Kathy Reich’s Deja Dead, and I’m not sure what to read next. I thought I might like to read Sara Shepard’s The Lying Game, but then decided I’m not in the mood for teen chick lit. Then I thought maybe I would like to read some Stephen King, but then thought I didn’t feel like reading another intense book right away. Then I thought maybe I would read some Sophie Kinsella, but I felt like reading another book on my new Kobo Mini and my Kinsella’s are all Value Village finds. Oi. THEN I thought I would read Helter Skelter but it’s the same issue with that book as the Kinsella’s books.

Do you guys have any recommendations?


“Déjà Dead” by Kathy Reichs

Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1)Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs
Mystery, Suspense, Forensic, Crime

This novel is about forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Working in Montréal, she examines several skeletons with many troubling similarities. She believes there is a link between these murders. Perhaps these women were killed by the same person–Does Montréal have a serial killer on its hands? Although Dr. Brennan sees these similarities, she has trouble convincing the police. As she searches for evidence to persuade the police, pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. As she gets closer to the truth, she puts herself, her best friend, and her daughter in the crosshairs of a psychopath.

When I found out that the show Bones was based on a series of books, I had to pick the first one up. Although not quite the same as the show, I found the book compelling and interesting. There was one similarity, however, that was not as interesting in a book: there were a lot of technical descriptions. Also, there was more swearing in it than I would have liked. Even still, I enjoyed it because the plot kept me guessing.

It’s times like these I wish goodreads had half stars in their ratings. I more than liked this novel, but I’m not sure I would go as far as to say i really liked it. It certainly was a page turner, but sometimes the excitement was tiring. If you like murder mysteries, I would recommend this one.

Content warning: Explicit language.

Hope You Haven’t Missed Me Too Much

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I have been pretty busy with my new job and just having some good old summer fun. That, of course, has involved lots of reading, so you will see that I have just bombarded you with new reviews. I hope you enjoy! I also hope that perhaps out of my reviews you find a good book you’d like to give a try 🙂

Things are going pretty good for me right now! I got a job at a bookstore (very fitting) and am loving it (for more than just the discount on books, although that really is both a blessing and a curse). Not only so, but with my birthday money I also picked up two kobos. Yes, you read that right. Two. However, I am not as crazy as I sound! I got a Kobo Arc because there was a sweet employee deal and I really wanted a good little tablet. However, I tried reading on it, and I didn’t really like it. I don’t want to stare at a screen for hours when I’m reading a good book. I then became aware that the Kobo Mini was going on sale to make room for new models. So, I picked up one of those for just $50 at Chapters! I have yet to read a whole book on it yet, but I tell ya, it’s truly amazing. It’s just like looking at paper and ink! I’m really excited to give it a go (and you can’t go wrong for just $50). 

Don’t get me wrong, though. I love my Kobo Arc. It is a great little tablet, and you can’t go wrong with the price it’s at now (up to $100 off!). I am constantly surfing the web on it and watching videos. It’s really great. I would definitely recommend it (or any other 7 inch android tablet, really!) Although if you get an Arc, it’s a good idea to install something like Nova Launcher from the Google Play store because it allows you to do a lot more than the Kobo launcher. 

I just started reading Déja Dead by Kathy Reichs (not on my Mini sadly, but just regular ol’ paper :P). I didn’t know that the TV BONES is based on her novels! The things you learn in a bookstore. Having found that out, I had to give the books a try. I’ll let you know what I think 😉


“Joyland” by Stephen King

JoylandJoyland by Stephen King

It’s 1973 and Devin jones just got a summer job at Joyland amusement park in North Carolina. Along with this new job come new friends, new scenery, a new language (carny talk), a break from school, and a break from his girlfriend (albeit unwanted). During his time at Joyland he learns and grows, embarking on that difficult job of growing up and becoming a man. Furthermore, as the publisher notes, Devin must “confront the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and the way both will change his life forever.”

When I started this book, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect. The cover screams frightening carnival story, but the blurb compared it to The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption. I came to the conclusion that it was likely a mix of the two. King, as always, tells a superbly crafted story, but, because of my mixed expectations, I was not able to enjoy it to it’s full extent. I found myself waiting and waiting for the story to get scary. However, the mystery of Linda Gray, although creepy at times, rarely even bordered on scary. If I had known that from the start, I think I would have been able to appreciate the story more for what it is–a fine coming of age tale.

If you are a fan of Stephen King, you will enjoy his story-telling mastery in this, his latest novel. However, go into knowing what you’re getting into: a coming of age story with a hint of mystery. This is not a horror story. If you don’t like horror, then don’t let the fact that the master of horror, Stephen King, penned this novel get in your way! It’s a great read and it’s not scary! 

“The Vow” by Kim and Krickett Carpenter

The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the MovieThe Vow: The True Events that Inspired the Movie by Kim Carpenter

Narrative Non-Fiction, Memoir, Inspirational, Christian
Paperback, 183 pages
Published February 10th 2012 by B&H Books (first published 2000)

The Vow is the story of Kim and Krickett Carpenter, the true events the inspired the movie. The Carpenter’s lives changed forever only 10 weeks after they married. Their first holiday as a married couple, Kim and Krickett head to Krickett’s home for thanksgiving. On the way, they are in a terrible car accident, and Krickett sustains a serious brain injury.

This is a story of love, faith, and perseverance. It is an inspiring true story of a couple brought together by God, and sustained by God. Because of their faith in him, they stay true to their vows. Kim must stay strong and faithful even though Krickett might no longer be the woman he married. Kritkett must trust God, Kim, and her family implicitly because she has no memory of ever meeting or marrying Kim.

This story tells us that no matter how hard life is, no matter your circumstances, by trusting in God, he will work things out for your good and use you for his purpose.

I LOVED this book. When I was reading it, I couldn’t help but talk about it all the time to whoever was around to listen. The Carpenter’s lives were far from easy, but they trusted in God, and, over time and after a lot of effort, things worked out for the best. I really appreciated the many important messages the Carpenter’s story had to offer. It shows that love, although an emotion, is more than that. Love is a feeling, but, more importantly, it’s a choice. One that we have to make every morning when we get up. Some days it’s a fairly simple choice. But other days, it’s difficult, and we have to decide whether to endure. Kim and Krickett, your story was such a blessing to me! Thank you very much.

I recommend this book to everyone ever.
More realistically, I recommend this book to those who enjoy non fiction, autobiographies, and Christian books.

“City of Glass (Mortal Instruments, #3)” by Cassandra Clare

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3)City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
YA, Fantasy

In the third instalment of Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, the team ventures to the shadowhunter homeland, Idris. There, Clary seeks to help her mother, and to find out more about her family. However, Valentine does not stop his evil plans long enough for Clary and the Lightwoods to enjoy their time in the capital Allicante. He threatens war against the Clave. To be able to stand up against him, shadowhunters and downworlders must unite against their common enemy. But can they get past their differences? Can Clary face her feelings for Jace and their consequences? Can he? What does this trip to Idris mean for Simon?

I liked this book. I didn’t totally love it, but it was pretty interesting and exciting. I couldn’t put it down because there was always something crazy happening or about to happen. It was a high energy read in that way. However, sometimes that got a little tiring. It seemed a bit episodic at times in the way it moved from one crazy thing to the next. It didn’t seem like a realistic flow. That being said, it was still enjoyable for what it is. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I did appreciate a resolution that I did expect but was still glad to see. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next books! I will read a few books in between them though because otherwise I get tired of the story.

I feel like if you are reading this review, you have already read the first two books in the series and already know whether you want to read this one, so my recommendation is not really that important 😛 However, if you read and enjoyed the first two, you will also enjoy this one! And if you haven’t read the first two, first of all, what are you doing reading this review?!, and second of all, you should give the series a try if you like fantasy!

“Insurgent” by Veronica Roth

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth
YA Dystopian

In Insurgent, Tris struggles to deal with the consequences of the choices she made in Divergent.

Now, after the simulation and attack on Abnegation, Dauntless and Abnegation have been scattered. Abnegation members hide out in different factions, and the Dauntless traitors are with the Erudite. The Dauntless who were not allied with the Erudite hide out with the Amity, and then Candor. Tris and her friends must figure out what the Erudite are after and stop them from causing any more harm. What was the point of the attack on Abnegation? Why are the Erudite so interested in the Divergent? What will they do when they find them? And, what are they willing to do to get what they want?

This sequel to Roth’s stunning debut does not disappoint. Although I think I liked Divergent a bit more, Insurgent was equally gripping. You get to know Tris and her friends more as you explore their relationships and see them grow. It is also interesting to see how the fate of their city rests again in the hands of a bunch of youngsters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and read it in 2 days. I couldn’t put it down. Although, if you have read Divergent, you already know you absolutely have to read Insurgent. And if you haven’t read Divergent, you shouldn’t be reading this review because of the spoilers!

“The White Princess” by Philippa Gregory

The White Princess (The Cousins' War, #5)The White Princess by Philippa Gregory

Historical Fiction
Hardcover, 528 pages
Published July 23rd 2013 by Touchstone

The White Princess is the fifth instalment of Philippa Gregory’s The Cousin’s War series. This latest novel revolves around Elizabeth of York, wife to Henry VII and daughter of the White Queen.

This story picks up where The White Queen left off. Elizabeth of York, born a princess, must face dreadful circumstances. Although she is betrothed to Henry Tudor, known then as a pretender to the throne, she had been in love with Richard III and intended to marry him instead. However, at the battle of Bosworth, Richard III was surprisingly defeated by Henry Tudor. Now Elizabeth must marry the man responsible for the death of her lover, and her family’s rival to the throne. She struggles as a member and pawn to this new royal family.

As her new family grows, she also struggles with her loyalty: does it lie with the house of York, or this new Lancastrian house of Tudor? This particular struggle is ever-increasing as the Tudor’s hold on the throne becomes progressively unstable. Henry begins to fear traitors at every turn. He turns to Elizabeth for advice, but simultaneously suspects her, as he knows her loyalties are divided.

Henry’s greatest fears are realized when a boy who claims to be the lost Prince Richard of York rises and seeks to invade England. Elizabeth must choose between recognizing the boy as the brother she loved, or remaining loyal to the husband and family she is coming to love.

I really enjoyed this book. I find the mystery that surrounds the Princes of York incredibly interesting. I’m a fan of Philippa Gregory, and find that she brings history to life. I love her books and this one was no exception! It has become one of my favourites. Although this particular story is based on mystery, and we may never know what really happened, I find Gregory’s version of events quite compelling. If not entirely accurate (which it is impossible with this subject), it certainly makes for a great story. Gregory’s stance on the mystery supports theories of Tudor conspiracy. I haven’t read any academic texts on the matter, but I like Gregory’s take on Perkin Warbeck! It makes a lot of sense (to me anyway!), and made a really interesting, and gripping story. I LOVED this book and would recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction. But, you should read The White Queen first.



I am just about to finish Philippa Gregory’s newest novel, The White Princess, and I am quite enjoying it!

On top of that, I snagged I’ve Got Your Number and The Wedding Night, both by Sophie Kinsella, at Value Village! I was surprised because The Wedding Night only came out in April! What luck! I was planning on buying that new, but I got it used for $3.99! SCORE!

Happy Beth.